Snapping what I like when I like. An eclectic mix of subjects and stories based around my life in London. A recent passion is London street art. Behind each image is blog post. Thanks for stopping by.
  • Fanakapan Village Underground Wall Shoreditch 2016

    2016 My Year of Street Art

    5 standard
  • BSMT The Right Side of the Tracks exhibition 2016 Dalston

    BSMT Space: an exciting first year of shows and street art 2016

    0 standard
  • Artists Himbad and Dotmasters, Camden 2016

    Camden Market traders’ art vans 2016

    4 standard
  • Artist pamgood2 sticker Fish Island Nov 2016

    Hackney Wick and Fish Island: new street art for end of street art

    4 standard
  • Artist dreph shutter art London 2016

    New shutter art in Whitechapel, around Petticoat Lane 2016

    3 standard
  • Leake Street tunnel graffiti art

    “A Nightmare on Leake Street” – Halloween paint jam 2016

    3 standard
  • Drips and Runs Live at Relentless No 5 Sept 28 2016

    Drips and Runs: Live At Relentless No 5, Sept 28th 2016

    2 standard
  • Photographer Colin O'Brien at work April 2014

    Remembering my friend photographer Colin O’Brien; the man at work

    4 standard
  • Breathing Room Dan Witz Street Art Project 2016

    Breathing Room by Dan Witz. A red phone box art project

    12 standard
  • Hackney Wicked 2016 Lord Napier

    Hackney WickeD 2016: Is this the end of art in the Wick?

    3 standard