My name is Tanya Nash.  By profession I’m a storyteller, producer, film maker and script editor.  I chose drama over the visual arts because both my parents were painters.  I wanted to be different.  But the desire to create pictures is there.

Taking photographs is part of who I am.  And street photography has the thrill of the unexpected.

Painting has heavily influenced my eye, subconsciously.  I’ve noticed that looking back at my body of work.

Two photographers who inspire and reassure me in my vision are William Eggleston and Stephen Gill.

NB.  All images are copyright of  Tanya Nash.  Iif you wish to use any of the images or material from this site please contact Tanya.

2 thoughts on “About

    • Yes, things are okay here. Summer is great for finding material to photograph. My pleasure to comment on your new project. I really, really liked the images. I hope you can get an exhibition or some outlet for them in time. 🙂 x

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