2016 My Year of Street Art

2016: A Year of Street Art photos

This post is a photo-diary of my adventures in following street art scene last year.  I haven’t counted how many images I photographed but it must be over a 1000 and probably more like 2k. This is a small selection which reflects that journey.


Artist Elno at work Shoreditch

An all female paint jam, Blackall Street, Shoreditch, London. (photographed 9th Jan 2016)


Artist Elno Shoreditch Jan 16

Artists: Elno and Mondi (far left) All female paint jam Blackall Street, London. (photographed 10th January 2016)



Olivier Roubieu Shoreditch Jan 2016

LDN Calling Blog is One Paint Jam. Artist Oliver Roubieu.  (photographed 23rd January 2016)


Artist Olivier Roubieu portrait Scarlett Johansson Shoreditch 2016

Portrait of Scarlett Johansson by Olivier Roubieu (photographed 25th January 2016)



Artist Furia139 portrait Trump Shoreditch Jan 2016

Artist:Furia139, Shoreditch. Part of LDN Calling Blog is One Paint Jam. (photographed 25th January 2016)


Banksy Knightsbridge London Jan 2016

Artist: Banksy. Knightsbridge. New work. Lasted 24 hours.  (photographed 25 January 2016)


Graff writer Vibes at work, Shoreditch Jan 2016

Graff writer Vibes at work on Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London.. My most popular image on IG with 1,159 likes. (photographed 28th January 2016)




Paul Don Smith David Bowie and Lemmy tribute art

Artist: Paul Don Smith: portraits of David Bowie and Lemmy. The space ships are left over from older work by Veronika. (photographed 4th February 2016)



Artist Otto schade Brick Lane February 2016

Artist: Otto Schade, Brick Lane. Shutter painted in Nov 2015. (photographed 5th Feb 2016)



Artist SeedsOne protest to Free Chelsea Manning Shoreditch Art Wall London Feb 2016

Artist: SeedsOne, Shoreditch Art Wall. (photographed 12th February 2016)




Shoreditch Art Wall Feb 2016 curated by London Calling Blog Feb 2016

Artists (from left to right) Airborne Mark, Elno, SeedsOne, Artista, DANK. Shoreditch Art Wall curated by LDN Calling Blog. (photographed 19th February 2016)



Rockwell House End of the Line wall Jim Vision Zadock Feb 2016

Artists: Jim Vision, Zadok and others. Rockwell House, Neverended Exhibition. Shoreditch, London. (photographed 28th February 2016)


Banksy The Drinker and absence Feb 2016

Artist: Banksy – the Drinker, Shaftesbury Square, London (photographed Dec 2015) and the empty plinth in February 2016.


MARCH 2016


Alo two new portraits off Brick Lane March 2016

Two new portraits by Alo. On two separate pillars on the same street off Brick Lane, London. (photographed 3rd May 2016)



Pang Camden March 2016

Artist: Pang. New image the old masters and the new.  Camden, London. (photographed 27 March 2016)


Himbad Marina Zumi Alice Pasquini Camden Feb 2016

Collaboration by Marina Zumi, Himbad and Alice Pasquini, Camden, London. (photographed 27 March 2016)


Pang portrait of Ayman refugee Camden March 2016

Artist: Pang. Camden, London. (photographed 27 March 2016)


Bethnal Green old street art Zabou and demolition

Old work by Zabou plus graffiti. Bethnal Green, London. (photographed 31 March 2016)


Six1Six image on building Paradise Row Bethnal Green March 2016

Artist: Six1Six for paint jam on Paradise Row, Bethnal Green, London. Building now demolished and so is part of this garden. (photographed 31 March 2016)


APRIL 2016


Sakiandbitches shutter art Brick Lane 2016

Shutter art: SakiandBitches, off Brick Lane, London. (photographed 1st April 2016)


Amara Por Dios, Flesh Soho London 2016

Wall art: Amara Por Dios and Flesh031, Soho, London. (photographed 1 April 2016)


Clet Abraham London 2016

Sign art: Clet Abraham, Central London. (photographed 1st April 2016)


Louis Masai Red-Shanked Douc monkey Walthamstow 2016

A Red-Shanked Douc monkey by Louis Masai. It is nearing extinction. Walthamstow, London. (photographed 5th April 2016)


Street art Mile End Endangered Species 2016

Artists: (left to right) ATM, Louis Masai, Vibes, Xenz, Andy Council. Endangered Species paint jam. (photographed 10th April 2016)


MAY 2016


Gary Alford Prince Tribute 3 May 16

Artist Gary Alford painting Prince tribute portrait. Off Brick Lane, London. (photographed 3rd May 2016)


Lovepusher Inkfetish collab Shoreditch 3 May 2016

Artists: Lovepusher and Inkfetish collaboration. Six1Six on left hand side. Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London. (photographed 3rd May 2016)


Pang Miniature asshole 5 May 2016

Miniature Asshole: Rembrandt by Pang. Solo show at Koncept Gallery, Dalston, London. (photographed 5th May 2016)


Giusi Tomasello Femme Fierce May 2016

Artist: Giusi Tomasello for Femme Fierce, Leake Street, Waterloo, London. (photographed 7 May 2016)


Avalele Femme Fierce painting over

Graff writer marking out over Avalele mural for Femme Fierce, Leake Street tunnel, Waterloo, London. (photographed 7 May 2016)


James Earley Dublin May 16

Artist: James Earley. Dublin, Ireland. (photographed 27 May 2016)


Sauja Dublin May 2016

Artist Sauja from Croatia at work in Dublin, Ireland. (photographed 27 and 28 May 2016)


MTO Son of Protagorus Belfast

Son of Protagorus by MTO in Belfast, Northern Ireland. (photographed 29 May 2016)


Star Fighter Belfast

Artist: Star Fighter, Belfast, Northern Ireland. (photographed 29 May 2016)


David Creative Nana with the Pearl Earing

Nana with the Pearl Earring by David Creative. Belfast, Northern Ireland. (photographed 29 May 2016)


JUNE 2016


Great Eastern Street, London June 2016

Artists (left to right) Six1Six, Lovepusher (fragment), Gent48. Great Eastern Street, London. (photographed 7th June 2016)


Fanakapan Louis Masai collab off Brick Lane June 2016

Artists: Fanakapan and Louis Masai, off Brick Lane, London. (photographed 10th June 2016)


Kaiaspire 4 works around Brick Lane Shoreditch 2016

Four new images (of 8 found) from Kaiaspire, in Shoreditch, London. (photographed 14th June 2016)


Jim Vision James Bullough Club Row Shoreditch 2016

Artists: Jim Vision (WIP) over old mural by James Bullough (hands). And an Alo (yellow portrait) on wall by door. Shoreditch, London. (photographed 14th June 2016)


Phlegm Birmingham City of Colours June 2016

Artist: Phlegm. For City of Colours, in Birmingham. (photographed 18 June 2016)


Jimmy C Birmingham City of Colours June 2016

Artist: Jimmy C, For City of Colours in Birmingham. (photographed 18th June 2016)


JULY 2016


Fanakapan Brixton paint jam July 2016

Fanakapan, Brixton paint jam, London. (photographed 9th July 2016)


Jimmy C Bowie Tribute London 2016

David Bowie tribute portrait by Jimmy C, London 2016  (photographed 9th July 2016)


Sokar Uno Upfest 2016

Artist: Sokar Uno. Upfest, Bristol. (photographed 25 July 2016)


Jody Artist Upfest 2016

Artist: Jody. Upfest, Bristol. (photographed 25 July 2016)


Banksy Bristol

I think this guy is quite well known but I can’t think of his name 😉 (photographed 25 July 2016)


Lord Napier Hackney WickeD July 2016

Curated by Aida Wilde for Hackney WickeD 2016. Artists include: Might Mo, Sweet Toof, Static, Donk and others.  Hackney Wick, London. (photographed 31 July 2016)


Hin Art Hackney WickeD July 2016

Two portraits Farage and Johnson by Hin. Hackney WickeD 2016.Hackney Wick, London. (photographed 31 July 2016)




Croydon Paint jam Aug 2016

LDN Calling blog paint jam. Artists (left to right) Irony, Tom Blackford, Airbourne Mark, Skyhigh, Roo, Artista, Ali Hamish. Croydon, London.  (photographed 6th August 2016)


Line and Wash art work

Artist Line and Wash sketching LDN Calling Blog paint jam. Croydon, London. (photographed 6th August 2016)


Skyhigh fox and Airbourne Mark Croydon Aug 2016

LDN Calling Blog paint jam. Airbourne Mark still at work. Fox by Skyhigh completed. Croydon, London. (photographed 6th August 2016)


Adnate, Amara Por Dios and Star Fighter, London

New! Face on left, by Adnate from Melbourne. Other artists: Amara Por Dios (Middle face) and Star Fighter (End face), Bethnal Green, London. (photographed 14th August 2016)


Louis Masai Jerry Rugg collab London 2016

Artists: Louis Masai and Jerry Rugg collab. Bethnal Green, London. (photographed 14 August 2016)


Dan Witz, London 2016

Artist: Dan Witz. One of 11 new works for Breathing Room installation project in London. (photographed 14 August 2016)




Studio Flop, Camden 2016

Studio Flop for Art on the Estates, Camden, London. (photographed 16th Sept 2016)


Jerry Rugg Camden 2016

Artist: Jerry Rugg for Art in the Estates, Camden, London. (photographed 16 September 2016)


Jim Vision Shoreditch 2016

Artist: Jim Vision, Club Row, Shoreditch, London.  Note the wall by door with whited out Alo portrait. Watch that space. (photographed 28th September 2016)


Dale Grimshaw Village Underground Shoreditch 2016

Artist: Dale Grimshaw, Shoreditch, London. (photographed 28th September 2016)


Dripsandruns Live at Relentless 2016

DripsAndRuns, Live at Relentless. Artists: Himbad, Captain Kris, SakiandBitches, Skeleton cardboard and The Real Dill. Central London. (photographed 28th September 2016)


Ant Carver paste-up Shoreditch 2016

Artist: Ant Carver. Shoreditch, London. (photographed 29th September 2016)


Stik Hackney 2016

Artist Stik at work on Great Eastern Street, Hackney. London. “The Past, the Present, the Future” Shoreditch and London are changing rapidly. (photographed 30th November 2016)




Alo Shoreditch 2016

New Alo portrait on Redchurch St, London. By Jim Vision’s burning women on Club Row. (photographed 6th October 2016)


Axel Void Hackney 2016

The Comfort of the Modern Slave” by Axel Void. Hackney Road, London. (photographed 6th October 2016)


Sameremas Nightmare on Leake St 2016

Artist: Samer detail from The Nightmare on Leake St, Leake Street Tunnel, London. (photographed 1st November 2016)




Nomadic Community Gardens Shoreditch 2016

Nomadic Community Gardens, Shoreditch, London. (photographed 18th November 2016)


Jim Vision Shoreditch 2016

Main work by Jim Vision. Behind Nomadic Community Gardens, Shoreditch, London. (photographed 18th November 2016)


Urban Solid Brick Lane 2016

Artist: Urban Solid, off Brick Lane, London. (photographed 15th November 2016)


Club Row Shoreditch 2016

Absence of street art. Gone is Jim Vision’s apocalypse and the Alo portrait. Shoreditch, London. The Future. (photographed 18th November 2016)


Lost Souls for Standing Rock Shoreditch 2016

The Lost Souls mural in support of the Indians at Standing Rock Reservation, Shoreditch, London. (photographed 18th November 2016)


Fanakapan at work Shoreditch 2016

Artist Fanakapan at work on the Village Underground Wall, Shoreditch, London (photographed 18th November 2016)


Fanakapan at work Shoreditch 2016

Artist Fanakapan at work, Shoreditch, London. Remains of earlier work by Dale Grimshaw. (photographed 18th November 2016)


Pred_ID Camden 2016

Artist: Pref_ID. More new art on the estate! Camden, London. (photographed 19th November 2016)


Sr.X Camden 2016

Artist: Sr.X for Art in the Estates, Camden. In the bin is a Bansky reproduction! (photographed 16th September 2016)


Toasone Leake Street 2016

Artist: Toasone, Leake Street Tunnel, London. The developers have moved in. (photographed 22nd November 2016)


Street art Hackney Wick 2016

Street art Hackney Wick, London as the developers move in. (photographed 26th November 2016)




Lost Souls Camden December 2016

The Lost Souls crew. Camden, London. (photographed 4th December 2016)


Dreph portrait Aldgate 2016

Portrait by Dreph. Aldgate, London. (photographed 15th December 2016)


Fanakapan Village Underground Wall Shoreditch 2016

Artist: Fanakapan. Village Underground Wall, Shoreditch, London. (photographed 2nd December 2016)


I hope you enjoyed my year’s worth of images and the little stories planted in there. A few stand out images I haven’t reblogged such as Nick Flatt’s New Fascism from my last post or Himbad and Dotmaster’s van from the one before that to save space.  And there were so many delightful works of little art that I considered adding but didn’t. This post may well be too long for some any way but I wanted to cover both important gigs and the changing London scene.

Many of the places that have been regularly painted are now disappearing.  I wonder what 2017 will look like in 12 months  time.

Happy New Year to you all and thanks for following, reading, liking and commenting on my blog.









7 thoughts on “2016 My Year of Street Art

  1. Quite a Banksy year for you Tanya!! The photo I most like on your 2016 selection is “FREE HUGS” ~ The SR X artwork blends so well with the Banksy print discarded in the skip.. Banksy painted the man hugging onto the window ledge in Bristol a few years ago, and now he would be smiling away at this photo for sure……. I only hope you rescued the print from the skip? (You may have missed out on a Banksy double bluff by not taking it)….. Now that’s a new years thought to lose sleep over during 2017…..

    • Hi Mitch, thanks for sharing your enjoyment of my post. That’s one of my favs too. And such a piece of luck that it was there. hehe. No I didn’t take it. I have my photo after all.

    • Thanks for commenting. 🙂 Sadly, no The Prince portrait on Brick Lane has gone. I don’t know about any others in London. Sorry I can’t help further. I would look via Instagram and do a search and look for any recent photos. You may find one that way. Good luck.

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