Artista: Soho Takeover, a one day solo show in January 2017

Artista: Soho Takeover, 17 January 2017

A couple of weeks ago, on a Tuesday in January, the artist Artista put on a solo show for one day only. And I was free to pop along!

She had recently painted the outside wall of her studio with her signature image of a flying toast. On 31st December, she announced on Instagram, “My last collaboration marked 100 public pieces this year, 62 of them a flying toast. 2016 has been one of my best years years without a doubt.”


Artista Soho Takeover solo show 17 Jan 2017

Mural by Artista. Red pill or button image by Miles Khan. Soho London. (photographed 17 January 2017)


Artista: The Seven Deadly Sins series

It was via another exhibition in 2014 at Monty’s Bar on Brick Lane, that I first came across Artista’s work. I wasn’t aware of her presence on the streets yet.  And I fell in love with a series of paintings called the Seven Deadly Sins.  And two from this series were on display at the Soho Takeover show.


Jealousy by Artista painting

Envy” by Artista. painted in 2014. (photographed 17th January 2017)


So what is this work about? Artista explained to me that the one eyed pyramid is a 3D letter A for Artista.  And this was her first signature tag on the streets. In 2014, she came up with the flying toast concept because it was typically British. Everybody loves toast and the demand for flying toast murals rapidly grew. She painted 62 public works in 2016 alone.


2 paintings by Artista Monty's Bar exhibition October 2014 Shoreditch

Wrath (left) and Lust (right) paintings by Artista, exhibition at Monty’s Bar on Brick Lane. (photographed 2 October 2014)

The Seven Deadly Sins series show how the A creature feels threatened by the success of the flying toast.  I love all the details. In the painting Lust, toast love is everywhere and the Pyramid is so enthral to toast. I think they would make a great picture book.

Artista’s one day show, A Soho Takeover on 17th January 2017

Fast forward two years later and the current show is all about toast.


artista-show Soho Take Over 17 Jan 2017

View as you walk into the gallery


Artista solo show Soho Take Over 17 January 2017


There were four different coloured versions of the toast lying in a bed of leaves for each of the four seasons. Blue (below) is winter, pale greens (spring) greens (summer),  and reds (autumn). You can glimpse the others in the larger photograph above.


Artista Painting from solo show on 17 Jan 2017



Works on display by Artista Soho Take over solo show 17 January 2017


Textured flying toast by Artista solo show Soho Takeover 17 January 2017


"Sloth" by Artista painting

Sloth” from Seven Deadly Sins series. Also an homage to Charlie Brown and Snoopy.


Artista Burger flying toasts painting


Artista prints of flying toast, London

A batch of Flying Toast prints by Artista


Artista solo show Soho Take Over 17 January 2017


On a table in the recreated studio area by the window were more toast prints, cork mats and miniature prints.


Mini flying toasts by Artista Solo show 17 January 2017


Here is the Flying Toast and the Pyramid on holiday together.  An uneasy truce. The Toast is still flying high.


Artista painting Flying Toast on holiday

“Wish You Were Here”


Flying Toast murals spotted around London


Artista street art Blackall St Shoreditch Nov 2016

Blackall Street, Shoreditch. This spot is regularly repainted in new colour-ways. Image also includes a Noriaki creature and pink design by Autone. (photographed 22 Nov 2016)


Artista street art Shoreditch

Shoreditch. (photographed 3rd August 2016)


Artista street art Brockley, London

Brockley, South London (photographed 21st August 2016)


Artista street art Croydon

Croydon, London (photographed 6th August 2016)


But the Pyramid A creature is not forgotten.  This was painted last summer in Penge.


Artista street art Penge South London

Penge, South London. Couple under umbrella by Dope (photographed 9th July 2016)



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