Leake Street paint jams: Femme Fierce 2016, mixed graff and street art jam (part 1)

Femme Fierce: annual London celebration of female street artists

Femme Fierce began in 2014.  A ten day celebration culminated with a paint jam on International Women’s Day, 8th March. 100 artists from around the world took over the Leake Street tunnel to create the largest paint jam ever held there.   I wish I had been documenting the scene then to witness it.

Last Saturday 7th May 2016, saw the 3rd annual Femme Fierce paint jam in the Leake Street tunnel.  Unfortunately, due to problems I know nothing about, the event has stalled and approximately only 30 female artists turned up.  This meant plenty of space for a 2nd paint jam of graff writers (male/female) plus a few spots for a few London-based male street artists to paint.

I turned up around 3.30pm.  And by then there was a chaotic party vibe going on because of a third jam, a photoshoot practice with models, make-up artists and fashion photographers.  During my visit, I discovered the work of a number of artists who were new to me. And I spent a pleasant afternoon documenting the events.

In this post you will find a gallery of all the new work painted that Saturday.  There was so much skill, dedication and hard work that day, that I feel that is the least I can offer in support.  My second post covers all the fun and pizzazz that we enjoyed that afternoon.


Floor Plan Leake St Tunnel2


Dina Saadi Femme Fierce 2016

1. Artist Dina Saadi. Books not Bombs (unfinished) Still working hard when I left around 7.30pm.


NoraHelsinki Femme Fierce 2016

2. Artist: Nora Helsinki had come over from Finland.


Rosa Kivinen Femme Fierce 2016

3. Artist: Rosa Kivinen. Her mural advertises a Finish female paint jam on 20th August 2016


Walking back down, looking at the wall opposite…apologies for some small works I missed.


ODK Femme Fierce 2016

4. Artist: ODK.


Eroica Femme Fierce 2016

5. Artist: Eroica


street art Femme Fierce 2016

6. Artists: Guise Maalaycrba (left) and Aranzazu Perez (right) (I hope I’ve read 1st name correctly.


Faux Himbad Femme Fierce 2016

7. Artist: unknown (after Himbad) ” Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.


Giusi Tomasello Femme Fierce 2016

8. Artist: Giusi Tomasello


Giulia Menny Cosco Femme Fierce 2016

9. Artist: Giulia Menny Cosco


Kamila Lucarelli Femme Fierce

10. Artist: Kamila Lucarelli If You’ve No Voice, Paint.


Femme Fierce 2016

11. Artist: Unknown


And on the opposite wall, at the Lower Marsh Street end of the tunnel was this work.


Georgie Femme Fierce 2016

Artist: georgie


In the centre of the tunnel was the graff writers’ paint jam.  And the Femme Fierce Jam continued beyond that, as the tunnel widens.


Andromeda Femme Fierce 2016

12. Artist: Andromeda


Avalele Femme Fierce 2016

13. Artist: Avalele


Noba Femme Fierce 2016

14. Artist: Noba


Annabelle Tattu Femme Fierce 2016

15. Artist: Annabelle Tattu


Jane Mutiny Femme Fierce 2016

16. Artist: Jane Mutiny Love Wildlife

On the opposite side of the tunnel to this wall were this series of paintings.


Hazard Femme Fierce 2016

30. Artist: Hazard (from Bristol). She posted on Insta that this took 7 hours to paint.


Thingie Fane Femme Fierce 2016

29. Artists: Thingie (left) and Fane (right)


Peachzzx Alisscurtis Femme Fierce 2016

28. Artists: Peachzzx and Alisscurtis collab.


Dala Femme Fierce 2016

27. Artist: Dala (from Sheffield)


China Girl Tile Femme Fierce 2016

26. Artist: China Girl Tile For the Girls. (from Austria)

Note this is an 80s style My Little Pony and not the slimmer modern version. That is the point of this image.

The final Femme Fierce Gallery is on the upper walkway wall.  I’ll start with the Lower Marsh entrance and walk towards Waterloo.


Thundercunt unfinished Femme Fierce 2016

25. Artist: Thundercunt (unfinished) The mural was completed but I missed recording that.


KitKat Taylor Femme Fierce 2016

24. Artist: KitKat Taylor


Unity Pyklops Femme Fierce 2016

22. Artists: Unity and Pyklops


Femme Fierce 2016

21. Artist: Unknown


Femme Fierce 2016

20. Artist: Unknown


Mondi Femme Fierce 2016

19. Artist: Mondi


JDK Femme Fierce 2016

18. Artist: JDK


And last but not least, out at the far end of the tunnel (by Waterloo entrance)


Dizi Femme Fierce 2016

17. Artist: Dizi (from Greece)

The mix gender Graff Jam

Starting right at the entrance and into the light was Leake Street regular Bumoe with one of his stunning abstract designs.


Bumoe Graff Leake St 2016

Artist: Bumoe


In the middle of the tunnel, along one wall were these works.


Graff DOC SMO Leake St May 2016

34. Artists: D.O.C and S.M.O (I think)


HLG Graff Leake St May 2016

35. Artist: HLG


Graff Evay Femme Fierce 2016

36. Artist: Evay


Graff OHKS Leake St May 2016

37. Artist: JHK (I think)


And on the wall opposite were these three works.


Graff Leake Street May 2016

Artists: DLCS, Hannah and HBA


Graff Rubie Leake Street 2016

Artist: Rubie


Bea Toa Femme Fierce 2016

Artist: Bea Toa


The Leake Street Tunnel is very long and with plenty of space.  So three London-based artists of the male gender popped along.

Finishing up, as I arrived, his extraordinary stencil work of a Gorilla’s face was this piece by Mister Feeney. He told me it took 18 hours to cut the stencils.


Mister Feeney Leake Street May 2016

Artist: Mister Feeney

Starting late in the afternoon, around 5pm were two London based artists, Airborne Mark and Olivier Roubieu.  They were working independently and decided to turn the background into a collab.


Airborne Mark Olivier Roubieu Leake St May 2016

Artists: Airborne Mark (left) Origami Riots and Olivier Roubieu (right)


I hope you enjoyed the gallery of work.  And if anyone knows the names of the uncredited artists, do please leave their names in the comments below and I will update this post.

Part two follows with the artists at work and people watching those out for a fun day out.

PS: Special thanks to Inspiring City blog for helping me find many of the artists’ names. Do read their post here.

2 thoughts on “Leake Street paint jams: Femme Fierce 2016, mixed graff and street art jam (part 1)

  1. Loved reading your documentation Tanya… Your artist credits for 34,35,37 and the next one may well be incorrect as the Graffiti writers often paint the tag names in dedication and respect of fellow graffiti artist and crew members… Quite a pleasure meeting you at Femme Fierce paint jam on Saturday! Your love of documenting what you see on the streets is very refreshing and helpful for all the lovers of street art in its many forms… Keep snapping!!

    • Thanks Mitch. Fair points on those credits. And if the Graff writers come across this and wish to correct, I’d be delighted if they left me a comment and I’ll do so. A pleasure to meet you too. And thanks for your support of my work.

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