Street Art on Sclater St: Spring 2015 (pt 2)

Sclater Street Walls: My first year following street art

June marks my 1st anniversary following the street art scene in East London. This post, the second of two, continues to document some of the rapid repainting of the Sclater Street wall once the days got longer and summer approached.

Here is a diagram of the wall that shows how its divided and repainted. This post covers areas C and D.


Sclater Street E1 street art wall space

My drawing of Sclater street wall and how the artists divide it for painting.


Sclater Street wall: Section C

This section is another very central and prestigious section of the wall.  I would even say it is the section to paint on because of its eye catching position.

Back in February when I was quickly scouting around with my camera I was instantly drawn to this piece by Amara Por Dios.  My best view with the parked car problem.  Also back in February, even if I had thought of returning early on Sunday morning for a better shot, it would have been dark.


Sclater Street Amara Por Dios Feb 18 2015

Artist Amara Por Dios (photographed 18/02/15)


Sclater Street Will Barrass Tizerone 9 Aprl

Artists: Will Barrass and Tizerone (photographed 09/04/15)


One of the pleasures in following street art is how friendly the artists are. So I was very excited to see that another of my particular favourites, Italian artist Hunto, was working a splendid new work the following week.


11 C Hunt painting 17 April

Artist Hunto painting a new piece (photographed 17/04/15)


Below is the finished worked, snapped early on Sunday morning.  I think its so beautiful. And I’ve not seen those white panels before.


12 C Hunto finished 19 April

Artist Hunto. Sclater Street, Shoreditch 2015. (photographed 19/04/15)


And 4 weeks later when I went by, the Hunto was gone.  Still, a month on this wall was good. This next work only lasted 2 weeks.


17 C Playback 17 May

artists: @opake_LWI and @peza_1T_LWI (photographed 17/05/15)


Around 28th May, artist Josh Stika painted the blue/green background for a car advert.  I’ve taken this shot standing on a spot marked on pavement opposite by the photographer.  You can see that the wall has been added to by other graffiti artists.


Stika for Vauxhall car ad plus tagging

artist Stika painted the blue/green pattern for a car ad. (photographed 12/05/15)


Stika for Vauxhall car ad plus tagging

Josh Stika‘s background with pink graffiti. (photographed 12/06/15)


By mid June, I’d decided on my plan for this blog post and I returned on Sunday 14th for some final clear shots of the wall.  And look what I found.  With the paint still wet. And no cars to block my view.


Himbad Kyle Holbrook87 Sclater St

Artists Kyle Holbrook87 (USA) and Himbad (UK) (photographed 14/06/15)


I was so excited to one of the first spotters of this piece.  Kyle Holbrook is over from Miami and the yellow and purple are his trade mark colours.


Kyle Holbrook detail sclater st

Artist: Kyle Holbrook. Detail from colab with Himbad. Sclater St. (photographed 14/06/15)


I love the way he’s captured Sclater street and included people like me, who photograph street art, are in it.  I was also delighted to see Himbad back on this wall after his earlier piece was so short lived.


Sclater Street wall: Section D

This section tends to have geometric/graffiti patterns which interest me less. So my documentation is sketchy. Apologies to the artists, I mean no disrespect.

Sclater Street Vanesa Longchamp plus 9 April

artists: Miaou Too,  Vanesa Longchamp and ? (photographed 09/04/15)


Sclater Street  blue geometric 9 April 2015

Street artists unknown to me. (photographed 09/04/15)


Sclater graffiti  June 14 2015

Sclater St graffiti (photographed 14/06/15)


Sclater st graffiti June 2015

Graffiti, Sclater St (photographed 14/06/15)


No doubt for those of you able to stroll down Sclater street this weekend, many of these paintings will have been replaced by other exciting works.  The living art walls are flourishing.


9 thoughts on “Street Art on Sclater St: Spring 2015 (pt 2)

  1. I loved these two blogs. You are fast becoming a most knowledgeable expert on London’s numerous street artists. I wonder if these artists ever get upset when one of their paintings is re-painted by another a day or so, or perhaps sometimes an hour or so, after they have completed theirs. The only way they survive is when they are photographed by yourself or members of the public, or maybe the artists themselves. Can’t wait for future discoveries.

    • Thanks so much Colin. Well I do my best but there are other great bloggers who are in the ‘know’ so to speak. And I’m learning from them. But I have become addicted to the scene now. As for the artists, I suspect its part of the buzz of working this way. I particularly love the scale of the big works. They work so incredibly fast and they’re wonderful to watch. And once they get recognised, they often get commissions and sell their work as prints. I’m just grateful to the pleasure and colour they bring our lives. Long may they paint.

  2. Indeed we can’t help but fall under the spell of street art! I guess we play our part as well by snapping and sharing the streets to all!!!!

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