Street Art on Sclater Street: Spring 2015 (pt 1)

Sclater Street Walls: My first year following street art

June marks my 1st anniversary following the street art scene in East London.  These two posts document some of the rapid repainting of the Sclater Street wall once the days got longer and summer approached. Its a wonderful old Victorian brick wall which runs along the railway viaduct.

The wall is so long that I drew this diagram to show how it gets divided up.


Sclater Street E1 street art wall space

Sclater Street, London E1.


Sclater St, section A: the doors

Walking from the Brick Lane end, this section starts in the middle of Sclater Street. There are two areas to it. A set of doors recessed into the wall and the stretch of wall as far as the shutters to the right

Work and winter weather kept me off the streets at the start of 2015.  I’ve included this earlier photograph from February because the same artists were still there at the beginning of April.


Sclater St section 1 Six1Six Pang Feb 18 2015

Section A. The door is painted by Six1Six. Figures to left are by Pang. Dog’s head and figures of the door are by Himbad. And one-eyed black creature is a Noriaki.  (photograph 18/02/15)


8 A Door Six1Six yellow 17 April

Two months later. Six1Six has redesigned and repainted the doors. And he has kindly touched up the damaged figures by Pang to the left. (photograph 17/04/15)


13 Door A Mr Stink Fish 8 May

In early May Colombian artist Stink Fish came to London. He repainted the doors. He also has work on Rivington St remaining. (photograph 17/05/15)


Sclater St superman paste-up street art

In mid-June this Super man paste-up arrived and it covers the Pang figures. (photographed 19/06/15)

Sclater St, section A: the wall

When I rushed by on that cold February day, I didn’t notice what was on this stretch of wall. So my first record is from April 2015.


Dan Kitchener Sclater Street 17 April 2015

Dan Kitchener (photograph 17/04/15)


During the week, this stretch of road is always full of parked cars. So its a touch ironic that it was impossible for me to see this mural straight on because parked cars were obstructing it.  So  I returned early on a Sunday morning and discovered that the shoe stall was now in the way.  But it also adds a surreal touch to the mural. And notice how clever DK’s use of perspective is, depending on which angle you view it.


Dan Kitchener Sclater Street April 2015

Dan Kitchener (photographed 19/04/15)


Near the end of May, Friday 28th, I saw tweets with pictures of an exciting new work co-ordinated by the artist Himbad.  On the Wednesday, I was able to pop by and see it for myself.  But thanks to the parked cars I could only photograph it in sections.  And thanks also to the wonderful newish London Calling Blog  for helping me credit all the artists accurately. This mural is the first time I’ve seen work by Kazz and Petersaurus.


Himbad Cranio and others Sclater St May 2015

Five artists painted this mural: Cranio, Kazz, Petersaurus, Himbad, Zadok (photographed 03/06/15)


Cranio Batman Sclater St May 2015

Cranio turned his blue Amazonian into Batman! (photographed 03/06/15)


Cranio, Kazz Petersaurus Sclater St May 2015

Batman (Cranio), face (self portrait Kazz), Dragon (Petersaurus)


Himbad Sclater St May 2015

Himbad (photographed 03/06/15)


Zadok Sclater St May 2015

Zadok (photographed 03/06/15)


I was looking forward to returning on Sunday morning for a shot of the full work but it was gone 2 days later, Friday 5th June. So the Himbad collaboration was only there for 10 days. Another massive collective work had taken its place. And this has now been there for at least 15 days.


Julian Also 40HK and other Sclater St

Artists are: Inkz, Jasik Poer, Annie, Ricky Dep (aka Also), Julian,  (photographed 14/06/15)


Sclater St, section B

Section B is the section of wall bookended by two single shutters recessed into the wall.  This first shutter must have been painted in April but I didn’t pay close attention to it because I find these abstract designs harder to relate to. I recorded it on Sunday 14th June for this post.


Shutter Sclater St 2015

Street art, shutter on Sclater Street. Artist unidentified. (photographed 14/06/15)


The space between the shutters is much in demand because its so central. And its regularly repainted.


10 B Kaes 19 April

Artist (woman’s face) by Kaes. You can see how the shutter designed was originally painted (photographed 19/04/15)


14 B Mr Birdseed 8 May

One of Ricky Birdseed’s lewd works that are all over Shoreditch this year. (photographed 08/05/15)


16 B area 17 May

This tribal head (artist unknown) partly covers Ricky Birdseed. Plus some advertising posters which you normally never see. And the 2nd shutter with faces by Coe One  (photographed 17/05/15)


This mural was painted during the 2nd May Bank Holiday weekend. It is this collaboration between Brazilian artist Cranio and 3D artist Fanakapan.


Cranio Fanakapan colab May 2015

Cranio’s Amazonian blue warriors with Fanakapan’s 3D balloons. (photographed 03/06/15)


Faces, human or otherwise, always catch my eye. This piece was there back in February (see my part 2 post for a glimpse of it).  And as you can see from the photographs above its still there in mid June.


Sclater Street Coe One April 2015

South African artist Coe One has painted this shutter. (photographed 09/04/15)


I hope you continue reading Part2 for sections C and D to see works by Amara Por Dios, Hunto and others. This post was getting too long, so I thought I’d split it.


7 thoughts on “Street Art on Sclater Street: Spring 2015 (pt 1)

  1. Really like this feature you are doing Tanya… Some info for you on your photo taken on 14/6/15.. 40HK is not the name of that artist but he includes it on his street art. The Artist is Ricky Dep (aka Also) Very nice guy to talk with. A truly great talent in all his work! I asked him what the 40HK stood for.. “It’s a move in a computer game..” So that was me lost in that field!!!

    • Hey Mitch thanks again for telling me who painted the mural. I wasn’t sure and made a guess. Will amend post. btw. anti-street going on in this area by some builders. Putting up faux street art on new hoardings. v sad.

  2. I kind of think we have reached the climax in East London of street art over the last year or two… We have been lucky to see as much as we have. The growth of development in London is storming ahead. My advice is to snap away as much as you can!!

  3. I wish I started snapping street art much sooner than I did as well. Outer London has taken up the glove somewhat and I’m sure the fun of seeking out street art no matter how small will always be rewarding..

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