Brompton Cemetery again: the power of colour

  • Halloween and the Day of the Dead

    I chose to post this set of photographs because its Halloween in many parts of world this week. And the Mexicans celebrate The Day of the Dead at the same time.

    In November last year, I posted “Then and Now” my visits to Brompton Cemetery  which was about my return visit to that splendid Victorian graveyard 25 years since my first visit.  The photographs in that post were taken two weeks before in October.  By a strange co-incidence in September this year, I was nearby with time to spare, so I stopped by again.

    Brompton Cemetery

    The power of black & white photography 

    I hadn’t intended to take pictures that afternoon.  It was grey, overcast and I didn’t have a camera with me.  But there is something about those extraordinary old gravestones and size of the graveyard that makes it very hard for me not to take photos when I’m there.  So out came my much criticised phone and I took a very different set of photos from last time.

    Brompton Cemetery

    The phone doesn’t handle the subtleties of colour very well, so I switched some of them to black and white in post production.  Suddenly they came alive or rather they transported me back in time to those old black and white photographs taken by Victorian archeologists.

    The power of Red

    I hadn’t made the black and white connection until I was back at home.  But when I saw this splendid vision, I really hoped the phone would cope well the vivid colour and not produce images that were too washed out.  The person who decided to plant virginia creeper in this graveyard made an inspired decision. The effect was magical.  The phone coped very and I tweaked it only a little afterwards. I think it also helped that this area was in a much brighter, more open space and away from overhanging, tall trees.


    So quite an arty post this week.  And for me it was one of the most creative photographic experiences I’ve had this year.

    I’ll leave you with a gallery to enjoy some more magnificence of this park of the dead to be enjoyed by the living.

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