“Then and now” My visits to Brompton Garden Cemetery, part 1

  • One of my pleasures in creating this blog is to draw on and mix my past and present work.  And to see how my ideas have changed.

    Two weeks ago, on a drizzly autumnal day, I visited Brompton Cemetery.  I hadn’t planned to go there. As I was passing, I went in out of curiosity because in the summer of 1987, I had visited it a few times whilst cat sitting in Earls Court.  I remembered some very flamboyant Victorian graves, in particular one of a woman, looking up adoringly, at her husband.

    Its huge, with many avenues. And at 12pm on a rainy Friday in October, it was quite busy.  I was surprised to see a party of tourists were having a guided tour.  I hadn’t noticed anything like that back in the 80s.

    Immediately my attention was caught by some large black birds, sitting on the grave stones.  Also the Autumnal (Fall) colours were stunning.  I didn’t say for long because the rain got heavier quite quickly. And I was disappointed not to have found that statue of the woman and her husband.

    When I got home, I succeeding in finding that original roll of film from 1987 and thought it would be fun to put together a gallery of the two series of photos.  I found it interesting to note what caught my eye, then and now.  What do you think?

    (to view in gallery mode, click on a photo)

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