Diwali Celebration concert, London 2013

  • Diwali, the festival of light

    This is celebrated on my mother’s side of my family as she came from India.  For me, its significance has grown as I’ve got older because  its an important link to all my family in India, as well various Indian friends in the UK.

    I also love the concept that you fill your house with lights to keep the evil spirits away and to welcome in the Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. It falls during Autumn in the Western hemisphere as the nights get colder, longer and darker.  Its a cheerful festival.

    Diwali Festival 2013, London

    For many years now, the Mayor of London’s office hosts a Diwali celebration in Trafalgar Square.  I’ve never been to it before because it is usually scheduled a week before the official festivities and I always miss it.  Luckily, this year one of my cousins sent her Diwali cards very early. I did a quick google search and discovered that I hadn’t missed it this year.

    Diwali Festival, Trafalgar Square, London 2013

    Diwali Festival, Trafalgar Square, London 2013

    The London celebration is a mini-open air concert or gig.  A series different acts performed during the afternoon.  And around the sides of the Square were plenty of food stalls to graze on whilst you enjoyed the music.  I don’t know what I had expected but I was a touch disappointed.  There were no craft events, as advertised, that I could see.

    As I wandered around with my camera, looking for photos, I was amused to notice that it was the young, Western women who had adorned themselves in saris.  The sensible Indians were well wrapped up against the cold, damp afternoon.

    Diwali London 2013

    I want to see mobile phones, its the festival of light

    The main concert which started at 5.30pm was great fun and there was some fabulous dancing and music.   The compare would go bananas with enthusiasm after each act and shout out to the crowd, “I want to see mobile phones, hold up your phones. its the festival of liiiight.”  You can just make out the sea of phones in the crowd near the stage.

    Diwali London 2013

    I’m glad I went and experienced the Trafalgar Square concert but whether it will be an annual date in my diary, I’m not too sure.

    I hope you enjoy this week’s gallery of photographs.

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