Sakura in Hackney

Cherry Blossom 2016: Spring has arrived

There is something so beautiful about seeing fresh cherry blossom each year.  Like daffodils and croci, this is another sign that winter is finally over.

I spotted this local tree in blossom on my way home from the shops yesterday.  I dropped off my shopping and immediately went back out with my camera to capture its beauty.


Cherry blossom 2016

I love how it glows and shimmers in the sunlight. “I’m alive, there is new life and lets have fun,” its saying to me.  “Those big old bears of trees are still sleeping.  Lets do something special before they wake up.”


Cherry blossom 2016
Sakura aka Cherry blossom celebrations around world

I was reminded of my pictures this morning when a photographer I follow in Instagram posted pictures from Japan with the hashtag #sakura.  What is sakura I wondered?  I assumed that was the name of a festival  but it is actually the Japanese word for cherry blossom.  Hanami is word for the custom of flower viewing.

In Japan, there are forecasts and websites to alert people when to view the blossom in each city.  Events are also held in the USA, (Washington DC, California), China and Canada.  But around the world we all love looking at the fresh blossom where ever we live, be it a park full of trees or a single tree like my local one.  I hope you enjoy the blossoms where ever you are.


Cherry blossom 2016


Cherry blossom 2016




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