Sunday morning, a sunshine stroll with my camera

  • Sunday morning.  If the sun is shining then its the perfect time to go for a stroll with your camera.  I took these pictures last year, around May, strolling too and from my local park with no theme in mind at all.   I put some in an album and forgot about them.

    Looking at them over a year later and all kinds of themes come to mind. Sunday morning stillness.  Forms of meditation.  And congregation.  This one of the pigeons wasn’t in the original album but they look like they’re chatting in the sunlight.  And they were the largest social group I saw that morning.

    the biggest social gathering I saw.

    The Early Birds – the biggest social gathering I saw.

    I took this sign outside the pub first because it amused me.


    And this one of the church was shot for the beauty of the light on the empty street that morning.  But one  year later its the messages which catch my eye and make an interesting parallel.


    The story of the walk goes as follows.  The beauty of nature in the sunshine and what did I see?  Places to meet but nobody was out.  Where were they?  At home?  On their phones?  Or meditating?

    Hope you enjoy the album this week and keep on looking.  You never know what you will see.  Beauty is everywhere. (for gallery mode view, click on any photo to switch)

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