Camden Market traders’ art vans 2016

Himbad collaboration with Dotmasters, Camden, London

I’m a big fan of the artist Himbad.  And back in September this year, I spotted a new work of his via Instagram.  So I had to go and see it for myself.


Artists Himbad and Dotmasters, Camden 2016

Artists: Himbad (blue cat) and Dotmasters (stencil boy). (photographed 11 Sept 2016)


As you can see, its a collaboration with stencil artist Dotmasters.  And I was moved by the 3D concept of the boy lifting up the canvas cover of the van to reveal the stowaway cat by Himbad.  The cat looks both terrified and frightening at the same time.  I suspect its a reference to the current refugee crisis in Europe.


Artists Himbad and Dotmasters, Camden 2016

Artists: Himbad (cat) and Dotmasters (kid) (photographed 11 Sept 2016)


Street art vans, continued incl Maniac and Snr X

While I was there, I noticed some other decorated vans and I recorded them too.


Artists: Maniac, SeedsOne vans, Camden 2016

Artists: Maniac (b&w abstract design) and SeedsOne on van door. Himbad (rear blue van). (photographed 4th Dec 2016)


Artist Maniac, van art Camden 2016

Artist: Maniac (b&w abstract)  (photographed 11 Sept 2016)



Graff crew unknown. (photographed 11 Sept 2016)


The Snr X van was one of a number of new works that he painted around London to coincide with his solo show at BSMT Space, a buzzing new gallery in Dalston.


Artist: SnrX, Destroy, Street art van Camden 2016

Artist: Snr X Destroy. (photographed 16th Sept 2016)


Himbad art van: the other side, 5 days later

When I got home that evening I discovered that I should have checked on other side of the van because there was another image that I hadn’t seen. So five days later I returned but this was what I saw!  At least the tree is bang in the middle of the monster cat face.


Artist Himbad. Camden 2016

Artist: Himbad. (photographed 16th Sept 2016)


On that second visit, I checked both sides of the vans and noticed these works I’d missed. And of course they were parked in different spots too.


Artist: Maniac, street art van, 2016

Artist: Maniac. (photographed 16th Sept 2016)


Artists: Maniac and Luluart vans Camden 2016

Artists: Maniac (foreground van) and Lulu (background van) (photographed 16th Sept 2016)


Artist Luluart-van Camden 2016

Artist: Lulu. (photographed 16th Sept 2016)


Camden Market Traders: street art vans

On a return visit to Camden in November, I noticed that some of the vans had been repainted.


Artist: ZandWM, streetart van Camden 2016

Artist: ZandWM with market in the distance. (photographed 19 Nov 2016)


I crouched down by the railings to try and get a better view of this one but the shots didn’t work.  As I struggled to stand up, I caught the eye of a local woman who had come outside for a cigarette. We shared a giggle over my stiff limbs and then a few words. I discovered that the vans belong to the market traders of Inverness street which you can see in the background of the photograph above.

The other side of the van above.

CROK, TBF and TRC crews, graffiti van Camden 2016

Graff crews: Crok, TBG and TRC. (photographed 19th Nov 2016)


Artist: Decolife van camden 2016

Artist: Decolife.  (photographed 19th Nov 2016)


Artist: Decolife van camden 2016

Artist: Decolife (photographed 4th Dec 2016)


Artist: The Real Dill street art van Camden 2016

Artist: The Real Dill (photographed 19th Nov 2016)


Artists: Tony Boy, Captain Kris, Dankoh, streetart van Camden 2016

Artists: Captain Kris, Tony Boy and Dankoh (photographed 19th Nov 2016)


And on my fourth visit in early December, I spotted the other side of the Himbad van, without the tree truck blocking my view.


Himbad, street art vans Camden 2016

Artist: Himbad (blue monster) and The Real Dill (green mushrooms) (photographed 4th Dec 2016)


So while walls are coming down in some areas of London, in others mobile art galleries are going up. Well done to the market traders of Camden and their support of street art.


Artist Himbad. Camden 2016


Updated post: 6th February 2017

In January two of the vans were repainted.  On one side of the Himbad and Dotmasters collab they made some small additions.


Himbad and Dotmasters street art camden

Himbad (cat face) and Dotmasters (the kids). (photographed 6th February 2017)


And on the other side, SeedOne painted this face.


SeedsOne street art camden

Artist: SeedsOne (photographed 6th February 2017)


Gums and tongue street art camden

Gums and Tongue crew. (photographed 6th February 2017)




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