Shoreditch Junk; end of its Shoreditch era

Shoreditch Junk: RIP a Sclater street legend

Two weeks ago, as I made my rounds looking for new street art I spotted this. And I was shocked because ever since I’ve been visiting Shoreditch, the shop front that has been synonymous with Sclater street and its street art is Shoreditch Junk.  And now it had gone!



No 64 Sclater Street with a new shop front. (photographer 27 November 2015)


Shoreditch Junk sold brick-a-brack, clothing and antiques. I never went inside because I didn’t need what they sold but I loved its authenticity. Shops which are a genuine collection of old stuff are hard to find now. Most are contrived to look like that but they are often full of new things or over priced as vintage.  Currently, if you do a google search Shoreditch Junk still comes up on a number of London websites as a cool place to visit with high star ratings.

My first encounter with the shop was last year when I was tracking down images from Louis Masai’s ‘Save the Bees’ campaign.  And I was less than impressed when I found this.  One of the bees was hidden underneath this sign which was on sale from Shoreditch Junk.


Save the Bees by Louis Masai on Sclater St

Save the Bees by Louis Masai. plus other street art. Sclater Street, London E2 (photographed 5th June 2014)


I paid little attention to the shop and left.  I returned a month later to find my missing bee.  And you can see the head and feeles of the first bee to the left of this photo. Interesting to note a slower turnover of street art that year compared to 2015.


Save the Bees by Louis Masai on Sclater St

Save the Bees by Louis Masai. plus other street art. Sclater Street, London E2 (photographed 3rd July 2014)


The summer of 2014 was when I started paying street art serious attention. And I remember the day in this next photo very well. I was on my way to a great ROA show at Stolen Spaces Gallery and whilst I was waiting to meet my friend, I snapped a photo shoot taking place outside Shoreditch Junk.  I also noticed the owner who was enjoying the spectacle. And I discreetly included him in this shot.


Shoreditch Junk at 64 Sclater Street, London E2

Shoreditch Junk on Slater Street, London E2 (photographed 12th June 2014)


Once I realised that the shop had closed, I searched through my photo archive to see where else it had featured on my rounds of Shoreditch. And there were plenty of great images to share with you all.


Shoreditch Junk at 64 Sclater Street, London E2

(photographed 9th August 2015)


Shoreditch Junk at 64 Sclater Street, London E2

(photographed 9th August 2015)


Artist Skeleton Cardboard was a big supporter of this shop and its from his IG account that I knew for sure that shop had closed.


Shutter on Shoreditch Junk painted by Skeleton Cardboard

Shutter design by Skeleton Cardboard (photographed 14th June 2015)


Shoreditch Junk at 64 Sclater Street, London E2

(photographed 25th August 2015)


Shoreditch Junk at 64 Sclater Street, London E2

(photographed 25th August 2015)


Reflection of Himbad mural and shop front of Shoreditch Junk on Sclater St, London E2

Street art by Himbad (photographed 19th June 2015)


Sclater St London E2 street art and shop front Shoreditch Junk

Street artist (unknown) on Sclater Street (photographed 14th July 2014)


Market, street art and Shoreditch Junk on Sclater St

Sunday market on Sclater St. Mural by Opake LWI and Peza1T LWI (photographed 17th May 2015)


So what has replaced Shoreditch Junk?  I passed by there two days ago and snapped the new business.


Rebels Alliance Motorcycle Co 64 Sclater St London E2

64 Sclater Street, London E2 (photographed 11th December 2015)

Be interesting to see won’t it, if this becomes a mecca for the biker community. (raised eyebrow in sarcasm smilie) It sure does change the look of this wall against the street art painted there. The character of Shoreditch is certainly changing now the money has found its way here.

Shoreditch Junk has not entirely gone.

From searching online I discovered that Shoreditch Junk closed in late October.  Skeleton Cardboard posted this on IG.  And also in May 2015, it opened in Upper Clapton, Hackney, London E5 at the old tram depot, now called The Depot.  And I think it is still there.  There is also a great collection of photographs from inside the shop in Shoreditch Junk on Flickr. And I now wish I too had been inside.

Shoreditch Junk farewell.  Missing you already in Shoreditch.


Shoreditch Junk at 64 Sclater Street, London E2

Shoreditch Junk at 64 Sclater Street, London E2 (photographed 4th July 2015)


13 thoughts on “Shoreditch Junk; end of its Shoreditch era

  1. The amount of times I walked last that shop wanting to go in but it was never open.

    Loved the bees of L. Masai – I was meant to get involved in that project but it took place on the one weekend I was away!

    Excited to see what Rebel’s Alliance will bring though. In case you didn’t know it is owned by Dface of Stolen Space fame. Could make for a nice little venue if I ever get to the big smoke to see it

  2. Always sad seeing these places close… I’ve enjoyed reading this post and seeing some good snaps. I remember going in there a couple of times and thinking how quirky it was.. Art in a jumble really!!! I did take a snap inside there that I must try to find!!! Wishing you Tanya a forthcoming Happy Christmas and barrrrr hummmmbug and all that stuff.. Hope to read more from your blog next year!!! Keep up the sleuthing…

  3. I have breaking news for you Tanya… Just had an email invite from D*Face saying.. “I’m Proud to announce the opening of the new Rebels Alliance Yard, Thursday 17 December, 6.30pm – 10pm. Rebels Alliance combines our passion for custom motorcycle building & riding, exceptional coffee, own brand apparel and amazing art. On display this month are the sublime motorcycle drawings, paintings and freshly published monograph of Will Barras..”

    I don’t think I can make it Tanya so why not pop along in my place!! Strange twist of fate that one of your snaps taken 25 August this year has that big sold painting on the wall next to the Shoreditch Junk Shop… Maybe the writing was on the wall for it’s future…

  4. Just another thought on organizing your evening Tanya… On your way home you could call into the Doomed Gallery (Another invite I can’t make)… Emerging photographer Ronan Mckenzie presents her debut exhibition ‘A BLACK BODY’ at Doomed Gallery, 65 Ridley Road, E2 8NP. FREE RUM PUNCH ON OPENING NIGHT (tonight)December 17th, 18:00-21:00.
    ‘A Black Body’ showcases photography and illustrations based around perceptions of the black figure in contemporary society relating to sexuality, prejudices and power. The works displayed are inspired by an interest in exploring the way contemporary society depicts personal experiences within the black community, and how that influences an understanding of identity.
    Ronan is a young rising photographer influenced by her personal experience of growing up in a multicultural East London. Her work has been featured on websites such as i-D, Wonderland and Dazed, and published in print magazines including Teeth, Moodboard and Trip. Ronan’s raw and authentic aesthetic has led her to be commissioned to shoot for band Real Lies and fashion designers Marques’Almeida amongst others.


    • Thanks Mitch. This sounds great but looks like I’ve missed the PV. Its not far from me so I’ll take a look when I’m less tired. But really please to hear about this as its my kind of show. 🙂

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