David Selor: street art London 2014

David Selor: new work for London 2014

Around July this delightful dog appeared all over Shoreditch, East London, offering us his bon-mot. The artist is from Cognac in France.

I spotted my first work by Selor on the hoardings around the Leonard St car park. (shown below)  Over the rest of the summer, I spotted 8 more paintings.  I’ve updated this post because last week (August 2015), I found another from his 2014 visit and I’ve added it to the end of this post.


David Selor Mouse at work Ravey Street Shoreditch

Artist David Selor. Ravey Street London EC2 (July 2014)


David Selor To Be or Not to Be off Brick Lane

To Be or Not to Be ? Fuck this question. (car park off Brick Lane)


David Selor Need Money to Buy Dream Pedley Street E1

Need Money to Buy Dream (Pedley Street)


David Selor Same Love Pedley Street E1

Same Love (Pedley Street)


About a week after I took my photo of the dog couple in love it was almost gone.  The building was being repainted to resemble a church for a wedding that was being held inside. And all that remained was a glimpse of the boy dog.


David Selor Same Love Pedley Street E1

Same Love (remains of) by David Selor


David Selor English Rain Gave Me Fleas Sclater Street, E1

English Rain Gave Me Fleas (Sclater Street, E1)


David Selor Tourist Trap Sclater Street E1

Tourist Trap (Sclater Street E1)


David Selor Manquez Tout Grimsby Street E1

Manquez Tout (Grimsby Street, E1)


David Selor Grimsby Street E1

Selor (Grimsby Street, E1)  The artist at work.


David Selor Natur take his right Grimsby Street E1

Natur Take his Right and Soon His Revenge… (Grimsby Street, E1)


David Selor new work London 2014

Do You Work for Money... (off Brick Lane, photographed  4th August 2015)

I love the adventures of this little guy. I hope he returns again to London.

2 thoughts on “David Selor: street art London 2014

  1. And I’m so pleased you appreciate my piece. I realised putting them together how Selor blends in with the other works around – in his choice of colours in particular. Really interesting. 🙂

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