Miss Van has left the building

  • Miss Van

    On Sunday I discovered another street artist Miss Van.  Stolen Spaces Gallery on Osborn Street, E 1 were holding an exhibition of her work and Sunday 1st of June was the final day of show.  This was why I was back in the area last weekend and was able to update my Saturday Brick Lane post.


    Exhibition poster information

    Exhibition poster information


    I really enjoyed her exhibition and when I got home I was frustrated to discover online that I missed a street painting on a side street near Great Eastern Avenue where I’d been that day.  Grrrr.  It was on a tiny street called New Inn Yard which you wouldn’t notice unless you were looking for it.  I had time to pop back there on Thursday and I thought I’d see it then.  And I did and this is what I saw.


    New Inn Yard where the Miss Van painting had been.

    New Inn Yard where the Miss Van painting had been.

    It was gone!!! I knew it was the right spot because I’d seen photographs on a Hookedblog post Miss Vans chirshu pure evil .  The painting went up in July last year.  And the wall yesterday looked freshly painted for the next artist.

    This is also interesting because it shows that the work in this area is not randomly put up and painted over as in other areas of London.  People are curating the spaces.  So Miss Van’s piece probably vanished because her exhibition came down on Sunday.  I was disappointed not to see the work for myself but this discovery was equally interesting.

    The gallery were very happy for me to take photographs of the work. So here are three photographs of her recent exhibition.


    Artist Miss Van


    Artist Miss Van



    Artist Miss Van





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