Street Art feature Otto Schade and Nathan Bowen

  • The rise of the street artist

    In London the concept of graffiti is no more.  It has evolved into an art form. And international and local artists compete to adorn the blank hordings which cover this city in flux.  They provide brief delight and thought before they vanish.

    In March this year I spotted this eye catching image on New Oxford Street.  The empty shop front took on a new energy with this satirical design showing that international corporate business is forcing out the independent shop keeper.



    Otto Schade on New Oxford St


    And two months later it has gone.  The is the colourful shopfront which has replaced it but it looks dull in comparison.



    Otto Schade

    The artist who painted that first circular painting is Otto Schade, from Chile, currently living and working in London.  You can read more about him on his website Otto

    Although he has been working in London since at least 2013, this was the first piece of his work that I noticed.  Last month I came across two more of his designs in East London where many street artists display their work.


    Otto Schade on Brick Lane, London


    The piece above I saw on Brick Lane in April 2014.  Both designs are by Otto.  And if you look at his website you can see he has a wide range of images.  But these distinctive circle designs standout.


    Otto Schade off Hackney Road


    And later that same day, I found this piece off the Hackney Road, further east.


    Nathan Bowen

    Today I came across a new piece large piece by this artist from Britain who trained at Central St Martins, London.  I recognised his style from others small pieces I’ve spotted previously.  But I never knew his name until today.

    Nathan Bowen near New Oxford Street


    This is the head of  long dragon.  I couldn’t get the whole design in one shot because, as you’ll see from the next picture, a phone box gets in the way.

    Nathan Bowen


    Nathan Bowen artist


    These artists both have websites and galleries selling their work.  This is Nathan Bowen’s site.

    As I turned away to find my bus stop I spotted this yawning blank hole which hasn’t been filled since 2012.  The corner of Museum Street with New Oxford Street.

    Museum Street corner with New Oxford Street


    You may remember that this French artist, Mr Brainwash brightened our lives in that year of the Olympic Games 2012 with these images.

    Mr Brainwash from 2012

    Mr Brainwash from 2012




    I hope another artist or more claims this space to brighten up our lives again.



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