The Wedding Photographer

  • The exciting element of street photography is when you anticipate and notice the unexpected.  Who would have thought of setting up a photo shoot during the morning rush hour and decide that the entrance to Westminster tube station was a great spot.  But that is what I noticed on my way to work this morning around 9am.

    I was deep in my thoughts on my way to work when I spotted a young pretty couple in wedding attire walking towards me.  It was a wet, drizzly morning and as the young woman scooped up the front of her wedding dress, I spotted a grey, shabby hem.  And I realised this was not a real couple getting married but two models on a photo-shoot.  There were no other family members around either.  Behind them walked the photographer who nipped ahead and down the stairway of Westminster tube station.  The couple walked into the stairs and then stopped to pose for pictures.  I whipped out my phone and took these shots.


    The Photoshoot


    The Photoshoot
    The Photoshoot


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