Graffiti Art: Now You See it…

  • Now You See it….

    Its a fascinating world, almost a battle for prominence amongst the graffiti artists of the Southbank Undercroft. This mural by Satterugly was painted on the back wall of the Undercroft last weekend.  And Long Live Southbank campaign put up a photograph of it on Monday on facebook.


    Photography by Ivonne Adel-Bueros.

    Photography by Ivonne Adel-Bueros.


    And now you don’t

    Its a powerful but very creepy image.  And I was intrigued to see it for myself. On Tuesday afternoon I had time to go along for a viewing.  And it was gone!  This is what I saw instead.


    24 hours later!



    Backwall, South Bank Undercroft



    I found it unsettling as someone who is used to art staying around for a while.  A fair amount of thought and effort daubed over with what looks like a 5 minute splodge.  I was so taken aback that I even commented on LLSB fb page, in a more upbeat manner than on here and they deleted it.  But no worries. Its their site.

    On reflection, their use of the space is a great metaphor for the rapid changes we are all experiencing.  No thought for others, just express what you feel and move on.

    It could be this location that generates such fervent repainting. Later that same afternoon, I visited Brick Lane again after reading about some great new pieces on Inspiring the City’s blog.  I think the turnover there is far less rapid.  And I will be posting my pictures from that visit in another post.






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