England’s green and pleasant land

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  • An escape to the country

    London, O London I love you so.  But there are times when we need space from one another, times when I need tranquility and calm more than the hustle and bustle of London life.

    Last weekend I escaped to the country.  And glimpsed the arrival of Spring.

    Corsham, Wiltshire

    My dear Mum used to say, ” it rains a lot in England, that’s why the the grass is so green.”  And after weeks and weeks of torrential rain this winter, my was the grass green in Wiltshire last weekend.  There is no boost or added saturation to augment the colour in these pictures.

    Corsham, Wiltshire, England

    And there was this magnificent feeling of space to expand and breathe.  Using the panorama mode with the new camera gives you an idea of that.  It was so liberating to be without walls.

    Smile please!
    The unsmiling sheep
    And the fields were full of sheep.  I didn’t see any new born lambs, so maybe its too early for lambing.  Just before I took this shot, these sheep were all lined up nose to tail in the ditch, nibbling the grass along its edge. It would have been such a great shot. But as I moved in to snap them, they sensed me and moved off.  And then they paused to turn and look at me. What a pity sheep can’t smile.  That would have been some photograph.

    I hope enjoy this glimpse of our luscious green and pleasant land that is England in this week’s gallery.

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