Undercroft Art on the Southbank

  • The Southbank Undercroft’s Street Art

    A few weeks ago, the Long Live Southbank campaign posted a photograph of some new paintings on their facebook page.  This image (my photograph) they credited to George Toland.  It has such energy that I had to go along and see it for myself.

    Southbank Undercroft, London

    I didn’t arrive until dusk which was later than I meant to get there.  But I turned that to an advantage.  The electric lighting gave the paintings a colourful luminescence.  And because my camera was shooting with a long exposure due to the low lighting condition, the skaters became ghostly shadows, flitting through the landscape.  Can you spot the skater this this shot below?

    Southbank Undercroft, London

    Long Live Southbank campaign

    So what’s occurring ?  What’s the latest news on saving the skate park on London’s Southbank ? On the 10th February, Long Live Southbank posted this on their fb page  –  “Southbank undercroft is not saved… but we have finally got Preservation on the discussion table after 11 months of campaigning.

    This positive step forward possibly came about after the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson spoke out their favour on 15th January. He said: “I wholeheartedly support the principle of enhancing the world-class cultural facilities at the Southbank Centre and am encouraged by many of the aspects of their plans. However, redevelopment should not be at the detriment of the skate park, which should be retained in its current position.

    “The skate park is the epicentre of UK skateboarding and is part of the cultural fabric of London. This much-loved community space has been used by thousands of young people over the years. It attracts tourists from across the world and undoubtedly adds to the vibrancy of the area – it helps to make London the great city it is.”

    If you wish to support the campaign then check out their website – Long Live Southbank or their facebook page for the latest information.

    The Undercroft Art Gallery

    I discovered when I went on a photo-walk last year that the graffiti art changes every few days.  These pictures were taken on Thursday 14th February. I wonder what has changed since? I hope you enjoy the pictures and for a better view, click on an image to swtich to gallery mode.

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