Chinese New Year celebrations London 2014

  • I’m finding life a struggle these days.  Like wading through treacle.  And putting on the mask is getting harder.  I’m not asking for sympathy or pity.  I’m just saying how it is.  Determined not to give in, I went out to photograph the Chinese New Year celebrations in London on Sunday.

    I’ve photographed the London festivities a few times over the years.  The first time was in the 1980s when it was easy to see the pageant.  More recently in 2009 when I was still using film.  I was really proud of the latter pictures from 09 and so I felt I had something to live up to.  And I have a new digital camera to explore with.

    I didn’t stay long because the vast crowds of people overwhelmed me. It was hard to find shots without a lot of people’s extraneous heads or backs blocking my view. And yet … I still noticed some special images.  And from looking through flkr, the ones that the majority didn’t capture.  Its taken me a few days to realise that.

    Fire cracker throwing

    Getting off the main track gave me space to notice other things.  To glimpse behind the masks on display that day.  I saw the man in the Lion costume take off his mask to pose with young children.  I saw the chinese child actors adopt a photograph face whenever a camera was pointed at them.  Whereas I wanted the candid views which I captured also.

    Chinese New Year 2014 London

    The pictures I’ve selected are ones that also work very well in black and white.  I discovered that faces work better in black and white.  But in the end, New Year celebrations are about colour and vibrancy.  So I’m showing you the colour ones.

  • 6 thoughts on “Chinese New Year celebrations London 2014

    1. love the one of the girl looking through the bus window, but also the contrast of the vibrant colours against the background of the public in their dark colours, provides a good backdrop.

    2. The children in the road, with the girl jumping in the air, her shadow stretched out behind her, is amazing. And I love the girls with their painted faces, beautiful.

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