Ice cream vans part 2

  • Local ice cream for local people

    This week is part 2 of my photographic look at ice creams vans which are apparently dying out according the Sunday People’s Campaign, Cone and Get One.  The pictures this week show people enjoying their ice creams in my local area or in places away from London’s tourist hotspots.  For example I love this one of London office workers queuing up for their 99s whilst the sign on the van says Mind That Child.  There is still the young child inside us all.

    Lincoln's Inn Fields, London 2013

    Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London 2013

    Has the ice cream van become static?

    The original purpose of the ice cream van was to bring ice cream to your door or area.  Most of the vans I photographed this year were on static pitches but I did spot two who roamed around.

    It was the bright orange which caught my eye of this van waiting at traffic lights.  I was out on a walk so I decided to follow it.  And as it neared a children’s summer scheme Playbus I heard the chimes sound as it parked near to where all the children were gathered in the summer sunshine.

    There was no rush for ice cream though.  A few mothers brought their children over to buy one and then about 5 minutes later the van pulled away.

    The static ice cream van

    The stop me and buy one concept maybe dying out but over all our love for ice cream still holds strong.

    Victoria Park, Hackney 2012

    Victoria Park, Hackney 2012

    This picture was actually taken last summer but ever since I’ve lived in this area, I’ve seen this same ice cream van parked on this pitch near the gates of Victoria Park.  And this year I discovered 4 vans on one hot summer’s afternoon in August. And each one was strategically parked to catch the passing trade of a park gate.  It makes sense to go where the people who want ice cream are and to save money on fuel.

    Update: Sat 16 November 11pm – The die hard ice cream sellers.

    This afternoon I was out for a walk on Hampstead Heath.  Its November now and the temperature has plummeted to hot dog instead of ice cream weather.  So I was surprised to see a van parked near the children’s playground.  Maybe its there all the year round because there is also a litter bin right in front of it.  Or maybe it was worth coming out when the sun does, as today was a gloriously sunny day in London.


    Hampstead Heath, London, November 2013

    Hampstead Heath, London, November 2013, 4pm

    I hope you enjoy the gallery of ice cream eaters this week.  Its a beautifully sunny morning here in London as I write this post.  It makes me want to go out and buy a 99 plus all the sprinkles.


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