London Fields’ wildflower meadow; summer’s last hurrah

  • London Fields becomes barbecue heaven

    In the summer months London Fields in Hackney is like a honey trap for those barbecue lovers without back gardens.  It feels as if you can’t see the grass for people and thick smoke and then for me this a wide open space feels claustrophobic.  To be fair the council have now limited the area where barbecues are allowed but I still often avoid walking there at this time of year.

    July 2013, summer bbqs on London Fields

    July 2013, summer barbecues on London Fields

    This was a snap I took with my phone of a typical summer’s afternoon this year in July.  I didn’t stay long as there was little to see; either fields of people or a large cordoned off area of what looked like scrubland.  I did read the notice which mentioned a wildflower meadow and then totally forgot about it.

    Hackney Downs 2011, the wildflower patch, a prototype

    It was hardly a meadow, more of a patch which looked a bit lost on the Downs.  I’d discovered it on a glorious sunny day in October 2011.  I rushed home to get my camera and take photos of the vivid assortment of wildflowers, so bright and colourful that I thought of them as sweeties for the eyes.  I posted some of those pictures recently in August, Dear Dad thank you for these gifts.

    Hackney Downs, wildflower patch

    Hackney Downs, wildflower patch 2011

    London Fields, the wildflower meadow is now open.

    This year I ventured to Hackney Downs again in the vain hope the wildflower patch would be revived but still there was no sign of one.  So you can imagine my delight when I discovered this enormous, as far as the eye could see almost, wildflower meadow on London Fields last Sunday.  And people were in it, taking photographs, meandering around.  Because threaded through the flowers were pathways which lead to a central grass oval.  And then there was the scent, this delicious, perfumed smell like floral honey.  I didn’t have time to take photos that afternoon but I knew I had to get back there soon.

    Monday was no good, very grey and rainy.  Tuesday was sunny but it started to cloud over by the time I was ready to go out.  The light was quite flat but I’m still amazed at what I achieved with my trusty digital compact in its 9th year of service, especially the macro shots.  I gather the meadow had only opened at the beginning of September, one month later than planned.   Better late than never; a perfect end to the glorious summer of 2013.

    I’ll say no more and leave you to enjoy this delightful feast of nature and people enjoying it.  And if you observe closely a romance is glimpsed twice, two beats of their story, a wildflower meadow romance.  And once again, you will discover the photographs look much better in gallery mode, so do click on anyone to switch.


  • 2 thoughts on “London Fields’ wildflower meadow; summer’s last hurrah

    1. Hi, I am impressed with the macro shots. My fave is the poppy pic. Love and Hugs, Jo XXX Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2013 23:06:42 +0000

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