Brick Lane EC1; London’s Graffiti Art mecca 5 months on

  • Graffiti aka Street Art

    Brick Lane in East London should be renamed Graffiti Alley.  Its a living canvas which probably evolves each week or at least each month.  And each time I visit the areas of wall or hoardings which are decorated have expanded.

    Brick Lane – my first visit

    I first actively photographed the work in March this year. You can read my post about the Brick Lane Graffiti Art here.  The picture below had been freshly painted two days before I took this shot.

    Brick Lane area graffiti art

    Brick Lane revisited August 2013

    This week, five months later I had time to see what if anything had changed since my last visit.  And what I noticed was that pretty much everything from March had gone.  So I re-photographed many of the same streets to show you the changes.  This is how the above corner looks this week.


    Before and After shots.

    Usually the before and after photographs of streets are taken 50 years and not a mere 5 months apart.  Here is another example from the corner of Pedley Street.


    This is how the restaurant wall looked in March 2013.  And if you click on the link from Inspiring City street tour art of Brick Lane you can see that it was repainted at least once in May 2013.  You have to scroll down to see the picture.  And today it looks like this.


    Graffiti Art Tours.

    The other thing I noticed were two parties of graffiti tourists.  Is this a growing trend ? Or due to the summer tourist season?

    Graffiti tourists on Brick Lane EC1

    This week the gallery intercuts the March shots with the changes in August.

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