Bula Quo film premiere; sometimes its hard being a…. Quo fan

  • Bula Quo film premiere

    When I first became a Quo fan and joined the denim clad army of boogie-rockers in the 70s I never imagined that one day I’d be attending the charity premiere of a family friendly comic caper, set in Fiji starring Rick and Francis.  But I did on Monday night.

    Licence to attend!

    Licence to attend!

    The Bula Quo project

    The film project along with its soundtrack album has upset many of fans who thought the original Quo might return after the amazing reunion gigs in March this year. I posted my joy at going to a  Frantic Four reunion gig at the time.  After the first single from that album, Bula Bula Quo was released in April, they protested so much on the official message board that the management shut it down. What those fans won’t accept is that the band has evolved over the last 30 years and their musical tastes have grown and they’ve found another fan base to support that.

    I admit it took me a while to get what they were doing with the sound track but I’ve grown to love it, especially the more unusual numbers and I respect the band’s versatility as musicians.  In fact I’m proud of them for this.

    As a fan I knew I would find it hard to resist seeing the film but I’ve always had serious doubts about it.  So I decided that experiencing the pomp of the premiere, where the dress code was loud and tropical, was the only way to see it.


    Status Quo on the red carpet

    I shan’t give a blow by blow account but the event was really great.  The crowd watching the red carpet arrivals was fairly small and it was easy to find a fairly good spot to take photos.   We had dancers and singers from Fiji to welcome the Ambassador.  I was really moved by the singing and became excited about seeing the film.   And you’ll see from the gallery that so many fans really enjoyed the tropical dress code.

    I was a bit surprised when the stars drove up the red carpet but then they went walk about, talking to fans and signing things.  I was right next to one guy who spoke to Francis at length, well maybe 30 seconds.  They hadn’t met before but Francis really enjoyed reminiscing about a gig from way back.  It was great to experience that although I felt too shy to break the invisible wall myself and speak to him.

    A fan.

    A fan.

    Bula Quo – watching the film

    Inside we were treated to some more Fijian entertainment. And then the cast were invited up on stage to drink kava, a traditional Fijian welcoming drink.  Finally after speeches and thank yous it was time for the film.

    Rick and Francis have a great natural banter and charisma, and whilst I had little hopes for the story, I was looking forward to enjoying their magic in the film.  But apart from a couple of moments it wasn’t there.  And if might have been with a much better script and different story that really understood their public personas.  I was surprised that after 40 mins I texted a friend to say how bored I was. And then I noticed that Francis wasn’t there either.

    The reviews and Mark Kermode

    And all the reviews, of which there are sooo many seem to agree with me.  My favourite quote is from Mark Kermode on R5 Live.

    “I honestly never thought I’d see Status Quo in a Fijian remake of The Deer Hunter with them playing rock’n’roll on ukeleles.”  Mark Kermode

    Its a great soundbite but the film just isn’t that interesting.  And being a fan that hurts more than simply going to see a bad film.

    The show is over.

    The band will probably weather this better than me.  They have been the butt of jokes most of their careers.  But I hope they don’t make the sequel as planned.  And if they do, I won’t be going.

    The premiere was really fun to photograph, particularly the fans who were my main focus.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and as always they look even better in gallery mode, so do click on picture to switch.

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