The BT ArtBoxes reprise. My favourite 30 photos from last summer.

  • From the soggy perspective of this year, the summer of 2012 was a magical time in London.  The atmosphere was transformed by the Olympic Games and Diamond Jubilee celebrations and this led to all kinds of other smaller celebrations in the capital.  One of which was the BT ArtBox hunt.  80 replica classic telephone boxes were redesigned by artists and planted all over central London.  I tracked down 75 of them over three weeks and took 200+ photos.  My aim was to celebrate London life as much as the designs.  And it was the inspiration to start this blog.

    This weekend I thought I’d highlight my favourite 30 pictures.

    Enjoy once more the humble red British phone box transformed.  And I know the tiles are easy to view but click on a photo and view in gallery mode, its so much better.  And if you want to explore the full experience, you can start here on day one,

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