Corsham Wiltshire (UK); an olde English market town

  • Corsham High Street, Wiltshire, England

    I visited Corsham on six occasions this year and each time I walked along its High Street on my way to Corsham Court.  Its a petite, picturesque place that a Londoner like me thought was a village.  It is in fact a market town built on the wool trade and other industries according to the Corsham town website.  If my photos whet your appetite do check it out for more local history.

    Map of Corsham Village

    Wiltshire County, England

    The town is set in the English county of Wiltshire where many of the buildings are built in yellow limestone aka Bath Stone.  The famous Spa town of Bath is one local city to Corsham and the other, closer one, is Chippenham.   Its an area that also attracts walkers and nature lovers.

    Shop window displays in Corsham

    On each visit I made to Corsham Court I walked there from the bus stop in the nearby village of Pickwick, and each time I wished I had longer to stop and enjoy the place.  On my final day I had about 30 minutes to take some snaps with my phone of anything that caught my eye.

    The local Oxfam Shop on Corsham High Street. I was intrigued by the spelling.

    The local Oxfam Shop

    As I examined the window, wondering why the word buy was misspelt, I saw a second sign, in the same handwriting where the spelling was correct.  How bizarre and delightful.   You can see that photo in the gallery below.

    This shop is not on the High Street but around the corner.

    This shop is not on the High Street but around the corner.

    And I love the fact that there are no chains here except in the discrete shopping mall behind the conservation area.  I would love to browse in the toy shop.   Maybe AutoMattic is a local brand of two.  I noticed that there is also a hardware/car accessories store with the same shop signage.

    Unusual stone door portico. Houses are on street leading to the church.

    Unusual stone door portico. Houses are on street leading to the church.

    Historical architectural features 

    Here is an example of an unusual style of doorway that was not limited to Corsham.  I saw this design in nearby Pickwick village where I waited for the bus home.

    Weather shots – doodles with my camera whilst waiting for the bus

    The shots at the end of the gallery are me doodling with the camera-phone, to capture the rapidly changing skies over rooftops, such as this one.

    View of The Two Pigs from the bus stop.

    View of The Two Pigs from the bus stop.

    I hope you enjoy my eclectic gallery of views of Corsham.  The pictures are ordered around the length of the High Street, beginning at the Corsham Court/Church End and concluding on the main road towards Pickwick.  Now that is a proper village.  As always, click on any photo for a better view in gallery mode.  And look out for the peacock feather motif which must be the local emblem.

    More on Corsham Court

    And if you’ve fallen in love with the town as I did.  Check out my earlier posts The Peacocks of Corsham Court and Court Court Wiltshire; the landscaped gardens and the peacocks’ magnificent encore.

    And if you missed the mid-week posting and you love beautiful gardens and nature photos, do click on the left back link to see my views of the Corsham Court Gardens and the peacocks mating dance.

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