Corsham Court, Wiltshire; The landscaped gardens and the peacocks’ magnificent encore

  • Spring is the mating season

    Has Spring finally arrived here in the UK?  Well the birds and the flowers certainly think so.  I’ve already blogged the beauty of London’s spring blossom.  But I didn’t comment on the unromantic mating rituals of our pigeons who are ‘at it’ everywhere.  I only thought of them when I witnessed the splendour the peacocks’ mating dance during my final visit to Corsham Court last weekend.  The poor pigeons are much less refined.

    He also shakes is feathers which make a rattling sound

    The Peacock’s mating dance

    This was one of three male peacocks who called out their cry and did their dance throughout the day looking for love.  They also shake their feathers with a sound that reminded me of those toy rain makers.  Did you make them?  You fill a cardboard tube with dried beans and then tip them one way and then the other.

    The third pose in this strange mating dance.

    The dance then progresses to this move which didn’t seem to interest the female at all.  She just wandered off.

    Corsham Court’s ancient trees

    As this was my last visit to Corsham I took a picture of my favourite tree at the front of the house where I’d first seen the ghostly peacock hanging in the branches, that misty March morning of my first visit.

    The of the house at Corsham Court

    The front of the house at Corsham Court

    Corsham Court Gardens open day

    And I was lucky to be there when the exquisite gardens behind the house were open to the public.  I’ve rather indulged you all with photos in the gallery because they are so splendid, particularly with Spring blossom.  The gardens are full of some of the biggest and therefore oldest trees I’ve ever seen.  And there are signs warning people not to walk under them in case a branch falls in their heads.  All you nature lovers, feast your eyes on these wonders of our amazing planet.  And do view in gallery mode by clicking on any picture.  It’s so much better.

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