Spring at last! cherry blossom, sunlight and patterns

  • Its the May Bank Holiday Weekend and Spring has finally graced us with sunshine and blossom in dear old Londontown.   And like the beauty of Autumn leaves, I never tire of photographing the sweet sugary delight of Spring blossom .  Like this young lady I spotted in Russell Square last week.

    Russell Square, May 2013

    Russell Square, May 2013

    Back in 2010, I noticed this little cherry tree because these pebble dashed tower blocks enhanced its delicate beauty by being so ugly.  I passed it again two weeks ago and discovered my Japanese inspired vision is no more.  I missed the full bloom of the original shot but even so, the blossom is lost against the new white refurbishment of the towers.

    Hackney 2010

    Hackney 2010

    Hackney 2013

    Hackney 2013

    The gallery this week was shot on two separate days, two weeks apart using my poor, derided camera phone.  I notice that it prefers strong light to work so well.  And along with the blossom, its the shapes and patterns that the bright sunlight created which has caught my eye.   Such as this other tower block shot in the late afternoon sun.

    Hackney April 2013

    Hackney April 2013

    I hope you enjoy them.  And for a better view, click on any photo to switch to gallery mode.

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