Bollywood in London; Londoners dance in Bollywood movie at the Southbank Centre

  • On Saturday the 13th of April Londoners were invited to be extras in a Bollywood movie filmed in a week, as part of the Southbank’s Alchemy Festival.  Except that I hadn’t realised this when I invited my friend to go along and watch some Bollywood dancing.

    When we arrived we saw that a decent crowd of children and adults had gathered to learn some dance moves Bollywoodstyli.  This pose is called a ‘woof woof’

    Learning the first dance moves

    Learning the first dance moves

    After nearly an hour we popped outside for some fresh air.  “Why’s that man holding a blond wig?” said my friend.  He put it on when a camera crew appeared.  And then we realised that the dancing was part of a bigger event.  As you can see a bit of London drizzle didn’t prevent the filming.

    A scene from the film.

    A scene from the film.

    A little later my friend over heard some other actors say that it was a “James Bond type thing called Mangoes are forever.”  We still had no real idea about the story.  I’m guessing from this pose that these women are a new type of Bond villain.  They introduced themselves as the aunties after they saw me taking pictures.

    the aunties in the film.  I'm guessing they play villains

    the aunties in the film. I’m guessing they play villains

    The afternoon ended with a double finale of dances.  We went back inside to film the first one because I was told it was now too wet to film outside.  But after that was done we were directed back out into the rain which was getting heavier.  It was worth it though.  Even in the grey London light the sequence looked spectacular, a proper tamasha.   And nobody minded that we getting wet.  Living in London we are used to the rain. And anyway, we were having too much fun being in Bollywood in London!!

    If you’d like to see the finished film its being screened on Sunday 21st April 2013 at 4.30pm at the Southbank Centre as part of the closing day of the Alchemy Festival.

    The photographs in this post are best viewed in sequence in gallery mode.  They give you a full flavour of the afternoon’s fun.

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