Brick Lane, EC1; the graffiti art lovers’ paradise

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  • On Wednesday I felt inspired, nay compelled to shoot even though I only had my grotty camera phone on me.  I love that feeling.  I was taking a lunch break on Brick Lane, EC1 and went for a 30 minute wander.

    Brick Lane and the surrounding streets have always had plenty of graffiti but the area is now attracting some of the top artists.  Every time I put my camera away I saw another reason to get it out and continue shooting.  I was stunned to down load over 70 shots when I got home.

    This piece was put up on 02/03/13 and i snapped it on 06/03/13

    This was the first piece I shot. And later on Flickr I discovered that it was only put up last Saturday 2nd.  Here’s the satisfied artist.

    One reason I shot so much was because I was trying to time people around the graffiti.  The fun with street photography is the serendipity of timing shots like these three.

    The Magic Door

    Another of my favourites because the delicacy of the work implies a magic world behind it, like going into Narnia.


    With this shot I was intending to show the man cleaning the door standing up.  But because he was moving quite rapidly but my timing was out.  Now, thanks to the graffiti, I prefer this one.  Its funny.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of the gallery.  And click on any photo to switch for a better view in gallery mode.

    And finally thanks for still viewing and apologies for the brief hiatus these past two weeks. I’ve realised that what I enjoy posting most is new material. Though I will still return to the archive because many of you have really enjoyed those pictures as well.

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