Tropical landscapes; painting with my camera in Kerala, India

  • I’m going to India for the blog this week,” I said to one of my friends on Saturday morning.  And quick as a flash she replied, “you’re leaving it a bit late aren’t you.”   “Not really.  I’ve got Dr Who’s tardis,” I joked. For anyone not familiar with the BBC show, the tardis can travel anywhere in time and space in seconds.

    Of course what I actually meant was that I was raiding my travel archive again as I’d been inspired by the work of a new follower last week, Anil in Kolkota.  One of his pictures made me think of this one of mine.

    Periyar National Park

    Periyar National Park

    So I dug out the negatives and discovered that I’d shot 6 rolls of film from my group adventure trip to Kerala in 2002.  I wanted to scan them all in because looking at my 2006 Russia trip with fresh eyes, I’d discovered new gems.  But scanning in film negs was too slow to be done in a day.  So I’ve decided to share these pictures in short batches when an idea arises from them.

    This scene caught my eye because the long line of Indian tourists so colourfully dressed reminded me of a series of paintings my mother had painted of bathers in the river Ganges which are also a riot of people and colour.

    The other six pictures in this series were chosen because they all look like paintings rather than photographs. Why do I think that?  Its the long distance perspective and focus on landscape plus the grainy quality of the film.

    (click on any photo for a better view in gallery mode)

    They were shot on fuji film with my old Pentax SLR MZ60.

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