A Londoner travelling underground in Moscow; the beauty of the moscow metro

  • I’m sticking with the travel images this week because I’m getting such a good response them.  Thanks to everyone who has liked, commented, followed or even looked and not said anything.  This meeting of minds via blogs is great fun.

    Also its still cold and grey here in London and nothing’s caught my attention photographically recently.  Not even the snow!!

    I’ve travelled a lot over the years but I decided to return to my Russian visit from 2006 and explore my shots of the amazing Moscow Metro.  And it also links to my last post about how travel opens our eyes to new views because both cities have underground train systems.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for the London Underground, dirty and noisy as it is, because I grew up with it. And when I was living in other parts of the UK, every time I  came back to London for a visit getting, on a tube train always felt like being home.

    The London Underground, Piccadilly Line, 1980s

    The London Underground, Piccadilly Line, 1980s

    I took this shot in the 1980s when I was taking a black and white photography course.  And its typical of the grey look of the tube.  So you can see why the Moscow Metro is so stunning as a work of art.  And like the London shot I’ve tried to capture the life of the underground system rather than simply the beauty of the architecture.  On my trip we only saw a few of the stations and there are many I did’t see, including some very modern ones.  I’d love to go back one day and see the rest.  (click on any photo to switch to gallery mode)

  • 2 thoughts on “A Londoner travelling underground in Moscow; the beauty of the moscow metro

    1. The Moscow Metro is considerably younger than the London Underground, yet it manages to look much older in its almost classical rococo architecture. I wonder whether this stems from any fundamental differences in the ways of life of Russian and western European people. Nevertheless, I am glad that many of the pre-war and even Victorian characteristics of the Tube are still here for us to enjoy.

      • It was all down to the vision of one man Stalin who wanted to celebrate the Soviet way of life. I’m sure that’s why its unique in subway transit design. And yes, I’m glad you can still glimpse some of the original London underground designs.

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