How travel refreshes the view; St Paul’s Cathedral and The Treasury connecting London to Petra

  • I took the first image of St Paul’s Cathedral back in October 2012 because it reminded me of another shot I took in 2003.  That other shot was taken in the exotic city of Petra, Jordan.

    Looking at the pictures as I write this post, I realise that what really drew my eye on each occasion and also connects these two cities is the beauty of classical greek architecture.

    Growing up in London I never appreciated its beauty until I travelled to very different regions of the world.  And those experiences have helped me see my home city in a fresh light.   That’s what the first four pictures in the gallery illustrate.  And its a idea I plan to expand on.

    Are there three more UK images that could be inspired by the three other Jordanian landscapes I’ve included in this post, for example? And have you had any similiar experiences?  I’d love to hear about them too.

    (click on any picture to view in gallery mode)

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