The iconic Christmas tree as seen and adorned across Central London in 2012

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  • Christmas trees.  There are so many around Central London I thought it would be fun to collect pictures of them for my final Christmas post.  It was like a mini BT ArtBox hunt but without a map. And I revisited some of the same places.

    They are all public trees and arranged from East London to West London, during the day and at night.

    The first ones are outside Dennis Severs’ house and have no decoration at all which I rather loved.  The house is in Spitalfields in East London and has been preserved as the owner, an artist Dennis Server’s desired, with early 18th Century decor.  And the most adorned tree was unsurprsingly was inside the museum of art and design, V&A, in the West.

    I also noticed places I had previously ignored because a twinkling Christmas tree beckoning me towards it.  Ely Place at Holborn Circus was one where a chapel survives from Edward 1 (13th Century).  And the beautiful Art Nouveau frontage with two inverted trees at One, The Aldwych was another.

    (as always the pictures are best enjoyed in Gallery mode.  Click on anyone to switch)

    I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2013.

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