A festive walk to see the Christmas lights in London’s West End and the Marmite extravaganza

  • I have to admit I was baffled.  How could Marmite, a tangy yeast extract spread be transformed into an interesting Christmas theme and festooned in lights along  Oxford Street?  My scepticism was compounded by the displays of recent years; to my eye, they seemed tacky and tawdry rather that magical and fun.

    I decided to photograph the Marmite themed lights for this blog.  And I completely changed my mind.  They are brilliant, creative and funny.  Some people love Christmas, whilst others hate it. Just like Marmite’s slogan.

    For the celebrity spotters, Robbie William’s turned them on and I love this short clip made by a member of the public.  He really captures the atmosphere.

    The gallery this week covers the lights along Oxford Street, with detours along South Molton Street, a look down New Bond Street and Regent’s Street.  This map shows the route I took.  I started with Selfridges and their Christmas windows because my parents used to take me to see them when I was a child.

    And photos were taken using my new mobile phone in its night time mode.


    (as always – click on any photo to switch to gallery mode)

    Well, do you love them or hate them??  They’re certainly different!

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