A glimpse behind the scenes: experiments with my new camera phone

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  • It finally happened.  My beloved motorola rzr8 had to be upgraded this week.  I’ve been resisting a smart phone, I don’t know why, partly because I can’t afford an iphone and keep the contract I want.  But I’ve accepted the change and I’m excited with new my San Diego.   Never mind the model, I now have an 8 mega pixel digital camera with more controls than the digital compact I’m also using.  So I’ve been experimenting with it over the last three days.

    The first three shots, taken on the same day, were done point and shoot, everything on automatic because I hadn’t spotted where the controls were.

    The larger screen makes candid shots easier.  And I was captivated by the sunlight on the young woman’s hat.


    And the widescreen format was good for this next shot where the mix of colour and shapes caught my eye.


    And even on automatic it handles night time lighting well.  I’ve since discovered that it has a night time mode but I’ve not tried that yet.


    The next three shots were taken the following day when I’d discovered where the other controls were.  To get the twilight effect as my eyes saw it, I needed to stop the camera down two stops. Otherwise, the results were much too bright.


    In the twilight, which readers of this blog know is one of my favourite times of day, these enormous trees looked like ghosts.   You can just spot a person walking past which gives an indication of their size.


    These were both taken around 4pm in Lincoln’s Inn Fields.   The next one was taken in New Square, part of the Inns of Court, London.


    Again, stopping the camera exposure down created a more dramatic effect than using auto would have done.

    And finally this morning I played with the macro and focusing features using my winter flowering cactus as my model.


    With all the shots I have made minimal tweaks in post production, adjusting highlights, definition and contrast mostly.

    After 3 days the camera still feels strange and not part of my eye.  A bit like learning the dialect of a language you know.  And I have to try it out when I’m not loaded down with bags on my way somewhere.  But its going to be fun experimenting. It has a negative effect, a grass effect and a sky effect!  And will I be tempted by the apps for Android?  I hankered so badly after hipstermatic when that first came out.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed a behind the scenes glimpse into my photographic adventures.


    PS: 18th December 2012.

    I’ve been using my new phone camera for about 3 weeks now.  In many ways, I’m happy with it but I’ve noticed that on many occasions the shots are blurry when enlarged, particularly on panorama shots and for 8 mega pixels, when my actual camera only has 5,  I was surprised.  So on Sunday, I did a test with my digital compact and the phone, while hunting for shots for my Christmas post.

    shot using my fuji finepix digital compact

    shot using my fuji finepix digital compact




    shot using my new mobile phone camera

    shot using my new mobile phone camera

    I am surprised at how poorly the phone camera compares.  I’m speculating that a large number of pixels alone are not enough to ensure a good quality photo.  The compact camera must have a much better lens.  And the colour balance is brighter too.  Also compact camera was set to ISO 400 which is grainy.  And the phone to ISO 200 which on film is not grainy.  But which one looks grainier??  The mobile phone.

    Should I have got an iphone?  (beyond my budget at present)  My little compact still has a lot of pictures to take.

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