Low Winter Sun and the Autumn leaves

  • Low Winter Sun; the time of year when the sun never rises high in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere.

    This selection of pictures were taken last Sunday afternoon around 2.30 – 3pm when the sun was already sinking for the day.

    I’d been out last year also when more leaves were still on the trees but the sky was overcast which had bothered me.  Still I love this shot for the colours and depth of perspective.

    Autumn, October 2011

    Last Sunday, the sunlight and shadows made up for the lack of leaves on the trees.

    Autumn, November 2012

    Last year I resorted to some computer wizardry for this shot which I love for its artifice.

    Autumn leaves, 2011

    But this year I’m happy with this untouched look at some fallen oak leaves, dappled in sunlight.

    Autumn leaves, 2012

    Low Winter Sun and the blazing, golden, tawny colours of Autumn.  Every year this excites me.  Every year I take pictures.  Walking home last Sunday a very obvious thought hit me.  Probably because so many people in the world are suffering and the news is full of doom and gloom.  The glory of the natural world is our reward for struggling with all the troubles life throws at us.  I even imagined those early cave men and women, who had none of our luxuries, being motivated to battle forward by the beauty all around them.  Hope these pictures convey to you the joy I felt when I took them. (click on any picture to switch to gallery mode)

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