Reflections part 1, of people.

  • My theme this week, reflections was inspired by my frustrations with last week’s shoot of the hairdressers.  This time, I’ve drawn on my archive and made the reflections work for me.  There are four parts to this but you won’t get them all this week.  Part one is about reflections of people.

    I shot this one during Chinese New Year in London during the early 80s, when I started to take my photography more seriously.  I’ve never forgotten it because it was the first time I used a reflection in this way.  But what had I forgotten was that I shot the original in colour.  I think its better in black and white.  The colours were very muted in the original anyway.

    And this was taken in Sarajevo (Bosnia) about 20 years later.  The woman turned to look at why I was photographing the window and I caught her.  I don’t mind that she’s slightly out of focus.  Her look is so powerful and it makes her more mysterious.

    And my final comment is on this shot, also from the 1980s, taken when I was travelling around the Isle of Skye (Scotland).  At the time and again in my memory now, the small mirror reflecting the driver’s face was huge.  It was a surprise to get the prints back and to see how small that mirror was within the whole picture.  But the shot also stayed with me and I went through my collection until I found it.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of this series in the gallery below.  And to view in gallery mode, click on any photo.

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