Brompton cemetery part 2: the romantic tenor Richard Tauber and the elegance of Jaeger heir, Henry Tomalin

  • Part 2 of my posts about Brompton Cemetery.

    In 1987 when I first visited the cemetery, google and wikipedia didn’t exist.  So it never occurred me to check out who might be buried there.  When I re-visited again in October 2012, two graves caught my attention.  And thanks to the internet I was able to find out more about them very easily.

    This elegant, red ceramic wall, enhanced by the autumn leaves, caught my eye first.

    Henry Ferdinand Tomalin (1875 – 1950)

    This is the grave of Henry Ferdinand Tomalin whose father, Lewis Tomalin founded the Jaeger clothing brand.  So that accounts for this unusual, Arts & Crafts influenced headstone.  His wife is also with him.  According to wiki, his father Lewis named his brand Jaeger after the German zoologist and physiologist, Dr Gustav Jaeger who thought clothes made from animal fibres were preferable to those made from vegetable.  Hmmm. Not something we’d advocate now, I think.

    The scattered rose petals on this second grave, near the main entrance caught my eye the second time.  They looked so romantic.  And I wondered who Tauber was.

    Back at home, I discovered that this is the grave of Richard Tauber, 1891 – 1948.  An Austrian tenor who is still loved today.  And listening to his voice on this Youtube clip, I can see why that recent romantic gesture was made.

    (Here’s a gallery of a few more views.  Click on the picture to switch into gallery mode)

  • 5 thoughts on “Brompton cemetery part 2: the romantic tenor Richard Tauber and the elegance of Jaeger heir, Henry Tomalin

    1. The father of my mother in law was a granit polisher at ruddemins granit yard in Aberdeen,s. Merkland road East . It closed in the 1970,s. She was visiting and spoke about her dads work on this gavestone , and she says her uncle did some of the wording, could you let me know what it says on it ? My picture of it.

      • Hello. I’ve done my best as my pictures aren’t much clearer. The main stone says Richard Tauber born in Austria 1981. Died in London 1948. Quote underneath is a by AP Herbert. I can’t make out all the words but here are some of them, “…since with a sunny heart… the hearts delight of millions was his art… roaring tenor voice beguiles…” I hope that helps.

      • Hi Heather, i know its a year since you commented on my blog but to let you know that some kind soul has just posted the full epitaph of the poem by AP Herbert. best wishes, Tanya

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