The vintage bus (210 RF anniversary) and the fountain

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  • Tuesday this week was a good example of why I called this blog – Notice what you notice.  I had no plans to take photos that day but these two subjects demanded my attention. Passing through Golders Green in North London I saw this in the bus station.

    since this bus first ran on the 210 route, 11 Sept 1952.

    The bus was on show to mark the 60 years since the first 210 ran from Golders Green to Highgate.  There were a few ‘bus spotters’ with their large cameras at the ready.  I chose this shot because the action of changing the destination blind was an image I grew up with.

    In the early evening, I was in Russell Square, engrossed in doing the codeword (my new fascination) when the sound of gushing water distracted me.  I looked up and saw that the fountain was dancing for us, putting on a a show in the evening sunlight.

    Going home that evening, I was struck by the two disparate images that urged me get out my camera.  And what fun it is, to notice what you notice.

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