The mysterious tree in Hyde Park

Hyde Park, London, enjoying some September Sunshine this week.  And I recognised this tree, last seen in April when it was a living climbing frame.  And a wonderful photo opportunity.  Lots of people were snapping away and I joined them.

Now in the Autumn it looks like this, transformed with its glossy greenery into a mysterious den.

I learned an interesting lesson back in Spring though.  I saw this little girl, peering up through the branches and decided to take a shot.  She saw me and instantly hid her face in fear.  And then ran off, crying to her parents, “she took my photograph!” and I felt like a thief who had stolen her soul.  They ignored her and I slipped away.  Downloading the shot I ended up with one that I think is more interesting than a cute picture of the girl’s face peering out through the branches.

So this week, when I squatted down to shoot into the den I felt that it would be an invasion of privacy to shoot the children who were playing there.  And I ended up with this.

And here’s a gallery of series of shots from Spring and Autumn. (To view click on any picture to change to carousel mode)

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