the cherry tree angle

  • Another post is about old photos.  And a particular project about a cherry blossom tree set against the lowering backdrop of some tower blocks.

    When I first stumbled across the tree in 2009 I was too late capture it in full glory.  Though I did make a record of it which is in the gallery.  I went back the following Spring at the right time and I found some great shots but never the original angle.   Lesson being keep records so you can check your original sketches.

    This year, I was passing by much later at the end of May.  And now it was the tower blocks’ turn to blossom into colour.  You can spot the Cherry blossom tree by the bus stop.  But its dwarfed by the other trees which come into leaf later on.

    PS – addition to the original post made on 02/10/12.  I saw the image below of the Autumnal tree and was reminded for my first Cherry tree picture.  And I’ve posted it here.

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