Stop the Pigeon but no sign of Dastardly and Muttley

Day 11.  This is not my final day shooting after all.

To my dismay I discovered that an ArtBox called Stop the Pigeon had been moved from Marble Arch to outside the BT Centre near St Pauls.

Stop the Pigeon, designed by WoHoCo

I was disappointed for three reasons.  I wanted to capture Marble Arch as well as the box.  And I’d planned to cover it when I went to cover the boxes around Hyde Park.  Thirdly, I had already covered that part of London with boxes in the City.

But after so much effort, having found 68 boxes so far, I had to capture it.  I was feeling the power of the collectors, half wondering if I should make the effort to find them all.  Its a powerful urge, especially if you follow what the others are doing on fb and flickr.  But I knew I couldn’t for reasons of lack of time and money.  And the urge receded.  And I could still get this one.

I had time that day to shoot it between work and an evening out.  So I did.  Again it was tricky.  Its simply an enormous pigeon on a red box and now with a dull building as a backdrop.  Here’s my first attempt with a hint of Box Lounger 2 in the background

There was nothing to stand on to get an interesting angle.  And the wide shot only revealed more concrete buildings and traffic.  This was my preferred solution.  What do you think?

Day 11.  ArtBox hunt total = 69.

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