Singing in the Rain!

Day 12.  This was going to be my last day, topping and tailing my box hunting as I’d done on a previous Saturday.  But I couldn’t bear to shoot them all in the rain.  And Sunday it was due to stop.  We were all feeling the gloom this summer, from the constant heavy rain and grey skies.

So I made that day a night shoot. I would cover the Old Vic theatre again and then return to Soho and see what the nightlife revealed.

As I arrived at the Old Vic, the heavens opened.  And I shot the wonderfully illuminated building from the shelter of a tree.

Talk to Me, designed by Margot Bowman

The rain was exhilarating.  And I went to capture an illuminated cafe nearby.  I was worried about ruining my camera and my phone though.  That night I used both a digital compact and my phone.  The proper camera achieved the best results, in night shoot mode.

Of course I had to return to Cambridge Circus and shoot this!

The Great Escape, designed by Simon Le Ruez

I concluded my night’s work with a return to one of my favourite ArtBoxes, Tomodachi in China Town. Where I learned the lesson that you don’t rely on autofocus when shooting at night.  There was a young couple, playfully posing for each other under the illuminated shelter, so I shot them too.  But they didn’t come out.  Sigh.  Still, I got some wonderful shots of the ArtBox.

Tomodachi, designed by Daisuke Sakaguchi

The next day was my final chance to find the remaining six boxes on my list.

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