Day 13 of ArtBox hunt – part 2

I headed back from Marble Arch to Trafalgar Square to get some concluding shots for this project.  And I had a further blast of memory lane when I jumped on an old Routemaster, a number 9.   And coming towards us was a second Routemaster.  I got this shot, momentarily making me believe that I was back in the London of my childhood.

In the last 5 days since I’d been in central London, it had got hidden under banners and marquees in preparation for the 2012 Olympics.  Look what happened to ArtBox, COLDWARmHOTLINE?  I was so glad I’d already photographed it 5 days before.

Even more frustrating was the discovery that Trafalgar Square was ring fenced with metal barriers and was choc-a-bloc with stage and sound equipment.  Thankfully the ArtBoxes were not inside the Square and I found my closing shots of them, along with the tourists who had accompanied me on this journey.

Dial M for Monster by Lauren O’Farrell and Big Ben BT ArtBox by Mandi Pope

In the next post is my final slideshow for this project. I hope you enjoy it.  In the end I found 75 ArtBoxes because I did drop the one placed in Stratford.  The 75 I found all link to Central London which became the real theme for this adventure.

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