Up West – Soho, Mayfair and Piccadilly

Day 7 of my ArtBox hunt with 10 on my list.  Thanks to the expert collectors the only map I needed now was my A-Z to find places I had never been to.  There was a lot of ground to cover, walking from Covent Garden to Mayfair, ending up on Piccadilly.  And in intermittent drizzle.

I started with the two I’d couldn’t find on Day 4’s quest.  St Martin’s Courtyard is near Seven Dials as it said the map but its off Long Acre.  And you have to know its there to find it.  Its a new Covent Garden shopping mall.  The ArtBox Twitter was there and it was exquisite.  But look!

Twitter, designed by Rebecca Campbell

I really wanted a picture of the fox and the bird on the back too.  But it was impossible.

The drizzle meant that I didn’t linger long in any one place and I rapidly found the next 4 boxes in China Town and Soho before moving on to Hanover Square.

Kiss, designed by Willie Christie

I was uninspired by this one and glad when I saw the two guys approaching with their bicycle delivery vans. But I know its been a popular design amongst the hunters and bloggers.

And then I moved to Mayfair and fell in love with Berkeley Square (pronounced Barkley).  Its a beautiful old London square with the most magnificent ancient trees. No nightingales sang but there was live piano music played by two youngsters on a piano hidden behind the central shelter.  I found out why there was a piano in the square on another day of this hunt.

As I took in the scene, I also noticed that the square was the rec room for off duty chefs.  There were two making long, intense phone calls.  I got inwardly excited when one of them stood near one of the ArtBoxes. And I stole some shots of him.

“K6 in Purdah” by Tanya Nash

My walk ended at the Royal Academy on Piccadilly where I shot this original K6 red box through the ornate gates of the RA.  I’ve called this picture K6 in purdah because its in hiding whilst the new interloper, the manly Copper Box is on display in the next alcove.  The ornate gates reminded me of the lacey wooden screen rich muslim women used to spy the world from whilst they remained hidden in purdah.


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