No 31 Box Lounger’s location is revealed.

Day 8. There had been no plan to Box hunt today.  I did my daily check on the fb BT ArtBox community page and saw a helpful comment from a fan that sent a thrill through me.

It said that Box Lounger, designed by Benjamin Shine, was going to be in High Holborn from 12pm today. This design had featured heavily in the pre-publicty for this exhibition.  It wasn’t near the BT Tower as the map indicated and none of the flickrs had seen it either.  And by now the show had been up for about 2 weeks.

I’d read a rumour that it was going to tour London.  In my mind’s eye it would be touring on the back of an open trailer and I would never be in the right place at the right time.   Although I wasn’t a collector, I still really wanted to see this one.

It was now 12.10pm and I had a meeting nearby at 2pm.  I could be at the box’s location within an hour. Surely it wouldn’t be gone by then.

With my over active imagination, I pictured arriving to see it surrounded by ArtBox collectors and tourists, all papping away. Would we have to line up and take turns to shoot it? Or would it be a free for all.   Of course there was no one snapping it when I arrived.

It was situated in the glass foyer of an office complex and a man was actually sitting on it to change back into his cycling gear!  No one else paid it any attention.  The man didn’t want to be in my shot.  And then I snapped it from every angle I could think of.

Another ArtBox collector arrived!  I thought she might be the kind girl who had posted the announcement on fb, so I went up to thank her.  She wasn’t but she helpfully pulled out a beautiful hand drawn list of all the boxes.  She had delicately crossed out the ones she had found.  And she pointed to her drawing of Box Lounger.  I felt very moved by her passion for collecting these boxes.  I was no better than the collectors, I was simply inspired by different ambitions.

the elusive Box Lounger, designed by Benjamin Shine


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