The magic of twilight – not the movie.

Day 6 at Dusk.  I was really excited to shoot in twilight again.  I’ve always loved that translucent purplely blue sky as the sun sets.  It is indeed the time for magic.

It was 8pm when I left my meeting in Covent Garden and starting to drizzle.  As I crossed through the Piazza, heading for The Strand, I discovered that Colour Wash was lit up at night!  How enchanting.

Colour Wash, designed by Rob & Nick Carter

I took another shot as three girls appeared under two umbrellas, creating a tableau that reminded me of the ancient Japanese pictures I’ve always loved.  That shot is in the slideshow.

Charing Cross Station isn’t one of my favourite locations.  But at dusk with the orbs on the pillars glowing, I was transported to Paris with a hint of old world glamour.

Mobile Phone, designed by Fred Bulter

As I approached for the close ups, I was pleased to notice that the guy by the ArtBox was sketching, not looking at his phone.

Villiers Street, my next stop, was surprisingly empty.  Its normaly heaving with people and an appropriate setting for Dan Woodgier’s creation, How Many People Can You Get in a Phone Box. 

I turned right onto the Embankment to find COLDWARmHOTLINE, another tartan affair, in greens this time. And then back towards the Millenium Bridge to find a 2nd box.  But, you guessed it, it wasn’t there.  Still, I knew my final box, in front of Tate Modern, would be.

Jubilee, designed by Ryan Callanan

I love this bleak view which reminds me of the seaside.  At the time my eye was caught by the blue lights on Blackfriars Bridge.  But the camera saw it differently, preferring the white ones and muting the blues.

I had found all but one box and I went home satisfied that twilight hadn’t let me down.


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